4 thoughts on “Numerology & Beyond

  1. Jesus and the Second Coming: one must be familiar with the code of the universe number study numerology and with this YOU WILL BE GIVEN LIGHT, and with this light, wings shall roost upon your heart, and your revelation shall LIFT YOU.
    For Jesus Christ is Birthdate:22 Fullname:43/7 Vowels: 17/8 Consonants:26/8
    22+7+8+8=45/9 ALSO 22+43+17+26=108
    For I AM Travis Oneal Dillard: Birthdate:22 Fullname:79/16/7 Vowels:32/5 Consonants:47/11
    22+7+5+11=45/9 ALSO 22+79+32+47=180

  2. lol three months ago u wrote this and said jesus alleged birthday is sept 29th.lol today is the 29th of sept,interseting

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