OSHO: Meditation Is a Very Simple Phenomenon

Osho International Foundation: osho.com When you are not doing anything at all — bodily, mentally, on no level — when all activity has ceased and you simply are, just being, that’s what meditation is. You cannot do it, you cannot practice it; you have only to understand it. Whenever you can find time for just being, drop all doing. Thinking is also doing, concentration is also doing, contemplation is also doing. Even if for a single moment you are not doing anything and you are just at your center, utterly relaxed — that is meditation. And once you have got the knack of it, you can remain in that state as long as you want; finally you can remain in that state for twenty-four hours a day. Once you have become aware of the way your being can remain undisturbed, then slowly you can start doing things, keeping alert that your being is not stirred. That is the second part of meditation. First, learning how just to be, and then learning little actions cleaning the floor, taking a shower, but keeping yourself centered. Then you can do complicated things. For example, I am speaking to you, but my meditation is not disturbed. I can go on speaking, but at my very center there is not even a ripple; it is just silent, utterly silent. So meditation is not against action. It is not that you have to escape from life. It simply teaches you a new way of life: You become the center of the cyclone. Your life goes on, it goes on really more intensely — with more joy, with more clarity

25 thoughts on “OSHO: Meditation Is a Very Simple Phenomenon

  1. 3:59 look how his eyes looses focus…hes not looking enything…he is only seeing his inside

  2. Osho’s hands are womanish !.. watch closely ..thats y i think he had more affinity with women .. and he could easily overlook what some women were doing behind his back…

  3. @nycballer4life money isnt bad, its the intentions spawned from greed, of the people that controll it and manipulate it – i think greed is the root of madness. money is the tool …but i think theres thruth in both. –

  4. @aghabeypasha

    Once the director of a lunatic asylum was giving a tour of the asylum to a new doctor. Seeing the director, a patient ran up to complain “I keep telling the others that I am Pontius Pilate but nobody believes me!” The director responded “What do you mean nobody believes you I believe you!” The inmate immediately calmed down and walked away and the director turned to the new doc and said “He thinks hes Pontius Pilate, but Pontius Pilate is me!”

  5. Actually Osho explains the pauses in another video. The pauses are not for his benefit. They are actually for the listener. They are samples of silence so to speak in that they allow you an entrance into that quiet attentiveness that is essential in meditation.

  6. just look at the hands they are connected with his mind and he uses them beautifully and scientifically .

  7. @Kakarot21591
    no, money is no chakra thing, money is the root of the madness of this world.

  8. @sjokolade777
    was ist denn schwierig daran? das einzige was es schwierig macht ist wenn man nicht loslassen kann vom verstand

  9. Simple, Clean, Powerful…
    OSHO was/is one of the clearest voices of simple Awakening

  10. Its like people just purposely write stupid shit to make themselves feel special.Listen to what hes saying.

  11. Well, money and acquisition is a 3rd charkra thing. If he’s on the 6th or 7th, then he’s mastered his 3rd, so of course he’ll be successful in that area if he wants to be.

  12. Meditation ist das schierigste was es gibt überhaupt und da kommt so einer daher und macht das so ziemlich salopp lässig für alle in demokratischer Manier sozusagen…. und das sollte man ernst nehmen? Hahaha!

  13. He certainly has a point, but that Swiss watch on his hand sure is a distraction. Peace and Love…

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