Prologue by Loreena McKennitt/Quotes from Rumi

This is one of my favorite songs by Loreena Mckennitt. i think she has one of the most beautiful voices ever, and since the song doesn’t contain any real lyrics, i’ve taken the liberty of adding a few of my favorite lines from Rumi.

25 thoughts on “Prologue by Loreena McKennitt/Quotes from Rumi

  1. Do you also make musica, is there something made or played or sung by you here? In your channel? This video is amazing, fantastic, appealing and hypnotic.

  2. Selam from Turkey!!!

    This is a Wunderfull Song and verry nice Music….
    I love your Voices Loreena….

    greetings and respect with Love!!!


  3. @jop710 rumi are the ppl who r from anatolian roman heritage cities (todays turkey). Why did he became rumi and not farsi anymore? Cause he wasnt farsi anymore. he is ours, not iranians

  4. we are who we become
    we become who we are….
    loved the lines
    look for the soul become soul
    hunt for become bread.

  5. it’s exceptionally amazingly fascinating way of illustratiing Loreena’s Great ART and simply touching morehumanly part of my soul.
    in your ss here i find everything that we mite be missing on our daily way of life: SPIRITUALITY of EXISTENCE somewhere there in the universe, we belong and rarely try to approach. thanks so much, Ann!
    have many good days, Mty Friend!
    humble me

  6. Don’t argue.

    If you want to know where Rumi’s from, just Google Balkh, and have a look at the map.

  7. yeh meant to comment on it myself but the vid hypnotised me!!!.. me forgot..ur welcome and thankyou for ann19oct for uploading 🙂

  8. WOW… this is so really fine! Thanks, Ann… and thanks Mermia for sending it to me!

  9. Being angry about what people called the dirt Rumi walked on so many years ago
    dismisses the message, the spirit the soul of Rumi. Look for peace, find peace;
    look for angst & anger; be angst & anger.

    It’s a choice.

  10. @thecollectiveconcept

    These are his books that I wrote here, all of them are in Persian which is Iranian’s language. may I know which book is in Turkey? Balkhi, Moalana or Rumi just passed away in Turkey, e.g. many people live in other countries and they may pass away but it will not change their country of origin. please read the history and don’t change it.

  11. @thecollectiveconcept
    1.Masnevi Ma’nevi:(Persian poems). the beautifull stories and an educational book’
    2.Kolyat Shams:(Persian Love poems):very nice love lyric and poems in science,and love,
    3.Fihi-mafihe:(in Persian)his teaching texts,
    4.Makatib:(in persian),his letters,
    5.Majales hatgane:(in Persian):about his teachings,

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