Spirituality/Gnostic author Timothy Freke in-depth interview

Spirituality/Gnostic author Timothy Freke in-depth interview

Enlightening interview with UK spiritual and Gnostic author Timothy Freke. Timothy Freke has co-authored a number of books with Peter Gandy on Gnostic spirituality, including “The Jesus Mysteries” and their latest book “The Gospel of the Second Coming”. In addition he has penned shorter works aimed directly at personal enlightenment such as his book “Lucid Living”. This is an-in depth and fascinating discussion about Gnostic and Eastern spirituality in general, touching on all the inspiring as well as sometimes very controversial aspects of this subject matter. Required viewing for those curious about spiritual matters and the importance of it in our lives today, regardless of your own personal background or beliefs.

  1. vincent4500Apr 22, 2010

    @micap20078 lol….that concept of ‘hell’ is an introduction by the evil satanic Roman Church….the roman church is CLEARLY SHOWN IN DANIEL 7 AS of the antichrist…many antichrists will come…but the roman church is behind the ‘beast system’ of the fallen world…

  2. micap20078Apr 22, 2010

    @vincent4500 i meant the many parallels the bible has with greek mythology 1 example is that they have exactly the same concept of heaven &the fires of hell where sinners go 4 eterinity tartarus is even mentioned in the NT in 2peter. u shouldnt take religion so seriously if u had any knowledge of psychology u would know there is no such thing as evil u dont need to b gnostic 2 understand that u just need 2 b educated christianity islam & judaism r all 4 uneducated people. bible is corrupt 2

  3. vincent4500Apr 22, 2010

    @vancor2000 “bewared of those who call good evil and evil good”….gnostics are actually satanists..no joke…i’ve realised this from intense research….Rosicrucians are gnostic practitioners who have ‘spirit familiars’ which tell them all this garbage …blah blah…jesus isnt real, he was just a man..blah blah…bible makes clear ‘spirit familiars’ are actually demons….

  4. vincent4500Apr 22, 2010

    @micap20078 Roman CHurch which has corrupted most churches is satanic..and pagan…but that is evident in Daniel 7…it clearly identifies roman church as core of antichrist…

  5. vincent4500Apr 22, 2010

    @sodaslacks new age crap..Rosicrucians are satanists and they practice gnosticism

  6. 0099wrestlerApr 22, 2010

    The gospels have more Gnostic information than do so called books on Gnosticism. Use logic, you will find Jesus was not crucified, Matthew 16:20-21, he said don’t tell. Simon of Cyrene was crucified. He was made to be a look alike, that validates the Qur’an. Jesus said Matthew 24:23, he was not the coming of the son of man. I am, the reborn apostle Peter.

  7. vdmerweApr 22, 2010

    Never has an author’s name been so appropriate…

  8. PortaCustodisApr 22, 2010

    Well said! I would add that people pay so much lip service to learning truth yet continue to propagate the same attitudes as other religions, particularly focusing on the irrelevant. Was Christ a historical figure? Was he literally born of a virgin? Is Christianity actually a pagan religion? None of them say, “All of these questions and their answers are ultimately irrelevant”. Saying “Jesus is a myth” is just as much a dogmatic statement as “Jesus is the Messiah” and even if either is true…?

  9. SirianKingsApr 22, 2010

    Literal gospel makes as much sense as any bad comic book out there.

  10. vancor2000Apr 22, 2010

    I can’t see that he proves that Jesus is a myth.. I think that it is probable that Jesus was a real person. Writers of the Gospels simply added mythic elements to their accounts to emphasis Christ’s divinity or highly spiritually-realized nature.

    The fact that other tradtions have god-men does not invalidate the belief that Jesus was a real man.

    Amazing is the similarity of various teachings (neoplatonism, Christion gnosticism, Sant Mat, Kabir’s teachings). This is implies a reality.

  11. sodaslacksApr 22, 2010

    Excellent. I love his analogy of waking up from the dream of life and realizing the universal mind in the same way that one would become lucid in a dream and realize that we’re not who we think we are, we’re actually the authors of our own creation.
    I would also agree with him when he says that when we talk about spirituality there’s a lot of bullshit to wade through and we have to focus on what’s real.

  12. micap20078Apr 23, 2010

    obviously christianty is pagan.
    religion is great but when are we going to start practising it?
    the book sounds good

  13. shanna1950Apr 23, 2010

    oh… and all of these guys make BIG bucks with their seminars and retreats, “teaching” people to be enlightened (oh sorry… enlivened)…. sigh…

  14. shanna1950Apr 23, 2010

    don’t we all experience these moments of wholeness+oneness? sometimes in a split second, sometimes it lasts longer. Does that mean we are enlightened when/if we experience this? I think that’s so arrogant. The world is in the meantime full of these (sorry to say) white guys who claim that they are enlightened/awaken/self-realized, whatever. You never hear buddhist teachers talk about being enlightened EVER! sheezzzzz

  15. audifaxcimeskiApr 23, 2010

    Yeaaah, of course! I’m sure people would accept to get martyrized for what they don’t believe in! For a lie! Makes perfect sense!

  16. theufotubeApr 23, 2010

    LMAO m8 ?

  17. RobinBreeds1Apr 23, 2010

    LMAO m8 every element is from older Cults

  18. mbrowshanApr 23, 2010

    As soon as one claims that their way or religion is the right way…and there is no other path…they separate themselves from the rest of humanity. Both Christianity and Islam are trying to make the world better for “their” God. This is insane as God is transcendent and beyond our knowledge. God isn’t something you can prove through logical arguments. Finally, God is simply a word for the mysterious life force in everything.

  19. vulvatronicApr 23, 2010

    how do you idiot know how much research i´´ve done and i´m doing on the subject?

  20. rudeawakeningxxxApr 23, 2010

    I didn’t say begging, that was your choice of words, and nowhere in the title does it say he is going to answer anything. the only imbecil cocksucking lazyass buttworm is yourself.there is evidence for both positions, you’re just too lazy to do your own research and make up your own mind

  21. vulvatronicApr 23, 2010

    i´m not begging for anyone to hand answers, espesially im not begging any comments from any imbecil cocksucking lazyass buttworm such as you. still most of the scholars think that it is more likely, that there really was some real person behind the myth. there really just is not enough evidence for either posistion, so the question is open.

  22. theufotubeApr 23, 2010

    peter freke and mr “Gandy” are Esoteric evangelists,
    don’t get me wrong I’m not attacking I’m just stating what to me is a fact
    a cental plank of Gnostic or Esoteric belief is that the life of Jesus Christ was a fabrication.
    despite what Peter Freke says here there is no evidence that the life of Jesus is a mishmash of previous pagan myths.
    choose your teachers with care.

  23. rudeawakeningxxxApr 23, 2010

    do the own research yourself, you lazy coward. no one is going to hand the answers. dumbass.

  24. vulvatronicApr 23, 2010

    this is very interensting…but he doesn´t really answer the hard question: why are gospels written in real histrorical context, with real figures and all?
    and why would someone fake it?

  25. judas7jamesApr 23, 2010

    some people easily misunderstand tim.. but with an open mind i’ve found it most enjoyable and a very enlighting answer to the spaghetti web that is modern christianity.

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