25 thoughts on “Star Signs Astrology The Facts

  1. @zzytrewq See that your still spreading your lies. Professor Suitbert Ertel at the University of Gottengen, completely vindicates the Gauguelins findings in planets and profession. So, there’s your proof. But I still don’t believe that will shut you up?

  2. Whether it’s real or not, bottom line is I hate being catagorised & labelled.

  3. @cloaknpoke My main interest is horary. I use tropical as do most astrologers, equal house system. Astrology is more than just psychology. Think of a family tree. If you had all the natal charts for everyone, there would aspect patterns that are shared between family members. Astrology is linked to genetics. Don’t know what you mean by ancient astrology.

  4. @the0fart0machine What form of astrology do you practice? I’m frustrated w/ the tropical sidereal thing myself. To me astrology is a form of psychology the way I view modern astrology. I’d like to learn about ancient astrology as I’m aware it’s much differant than todays.

  5. @cloaknpoke I wouldn’t say astrology is my personal truth. Astrology isn’t false, because not one scientist has had the courage to research the subject without bias or fear of loosing face with orthodox science. I don’t charge for astrological charts as some commenters think always happens. Staying with a subject for some time does acknowledge that I have found a subject that answer questions that other subjects, psychology, biology, science fail to answer.

  6. @the0fart0machine Saying something is not false because you’ve stayed with something for 20 years proves nothing except that it’s your own personal truth. Many people all around the world stay with a religion for 20+ years does that make it false for them? No it’s their personal truth, but it’s not anyone elses truth except the individuals.

    Personal truth does not equal universal truth.

  7. well the chances of that are there… but thats more likely if your born between signs.. i.e. cusps..

  8. Astrology is for people who doesn’t mind beeing tricked by someone for money.

  9. If you’ve done the research and found that there isn’t any evidence that prove anything, then you can talk shit. but if don’t know anything about it, then how can you be so extreme in calling it ‘garbage’ or a ‘scam’? sounds arrogant as hell.

  10. Great video man, if you want to see a movie that will blow your mind type into youtube old world secrets the omega project codes

  11. Astrology the only true human science. When people pay for the services of a psychologist then that is a joke. Astrology never hurt anyone. Professions that have include: Clergy, criminal justice system, doctors, surgeons, police, etc. Time you lot got your facts right. As for the validity of astrology, I don’t need to provide proof. All I can say is that I wouldn’t of stayed with astrology for over 20 years if it was false. Enough said!!

  12. @VoxJoxx actauly i red my horoscope a few weeks ago and it said for me to finish my project and i read this at night ! and i did it during the day which was weird

  13. Astrology is 100% bs, if it was in anyway accurate why can’t top astrologists predict earth quakes to save thousands of lives, No, they cannot, the only benefit Ass’trology gives is helping people believe a lie so they can deceive money out of the masses who believe it, 100% bs. Fkn frauds.

  14. Actually, you’re exactly right. The signs get their name from the constellations, but the signs AREN’T the constellations.

  15. I agree. People who follow horoscopes tend to remember the hits more than the misses. There are alot more misses than hits. How can anyone believe this bronze aged bullshit? They may as well believe the earth is 6000 years old or some pseudo shit like that.

  16. @mattsk89 – when people pay for the services of an astrologer that is not a joke, that is a scam, a con.

    I defy any astrologer to provide evidence of the workings of astrology in terms that make sense in the real world.

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