The Dreamtime Twin- Flame merge

I think I met my Twin Flame in a dream. It was so real and now I don’t want a relationship in my life with anyone other than my Twin Flame. I wish to experience what I felt in that dream. Was this really my Twin Flame or just an aspect of myself? You ask us are these individuals and beings indeed the actual person or just an aspect of them? Or an aspect of yourself? Well we would respond to that by saying that all beings and individuals that are encountered during the dreamtime are aspects of yourself, but for clarity of your understanding we can add to that by saying that everyone you encounter in your waking life in an aspect of yourself! Music by Freeplay Music LCC

25 thoughts on “The Dreamtime Twin- Flame merge

  1. @comtessehollandaise You an eloquently expressed what I have learned in my current spiritual path and growth. Check out my Twin Flame Meditation poem whan you get a chance. Namaste Daniel

  2. It is best to be close as possible to our highest self before actively seeking a twin flame relationship, I think. But for some, it may be the very catalyst that is called for in order to reach that high state. Only each one knows by their own intuition.

  3. I had a dream of my twin flame. I was able to take her with me by teleportation into any universe I chose. I even told her this. I said “I can move through space, time, and dimensions” and I took her with me. I wrapped my cloak around her and we vanished. We went to a wonderful place where, using my intuitive power, I was able to detect enemies who approached and, finally, using my power of manifestation I developed the tools and method for their easy dispatching.

  4. i found my twin 5 years ago..but he will never understand or know that he is my twin..maybe not..but he says things like a twin..and he doesnt even know it..sometimes..

  5. Finally an answer after ten years! I met my twin flame (atually thought he had been a physical twin in a past life) in a whole long series of lucid dreams in the late 90’s – I even astralled to him! This man is incarnate though – so I was confused and far too scared to approach him. I don’t think he’s as aware as me, but the experience was every bit as intense and profound as if he’d been here in flesh and blood. Thanks for this – I’ve been wondering for so many years what had happened to me.

  6. What if the “person” you dream of is not someone you know…like total stranger

  7. Very nice rememberence of the twin flame harmonies, the unity within the stellar heart that synergizes twin flames eternally. Hope you will read Divine Complement.

  8. I had a dream of my twin last night, it make me sad that im not there now, he knows me and he talked to me on the bus and he got me a drink and he made me comfortable and talked to me very personally. the real world is hard to live with. love is a real test.

  9. We are two parts od One Soul. Two bodies – One Soul. Its too deep to explain in words. Its Cosmic. Your Twinflame is Your Mirror. But you both are still individuals. Same energy is manifested in two different ways : Ying and Yang. Bless you all, lightworkers !!! NAMASTE

  10. YESSSSS ! I met My TwinFlame. These relationships include all the levels. Spiritual, romntic, family, sexual(tantric), friendship, same interests etc. All of our Chakras resonate. Its Holy Union.

  11. You will find your twimflame when time is right for you. To do so you need to manifest with full intension the joy you will get by being with yourself of other half

  12. the word twin , makes me ponder who is the mother ? perhaps finding the mother you can find the twin another way to go about it there is many ways to get what you desire or need in life many paths to one point from the source to its branches and vise versa

  13. TY to YourRisingPhoenix for the share 🙂 Most kind.
    I agree with much here. In particular, how the dream state can give us opportunities to raise our vibration through immersing ourselves in bliss/connection with another. It is like a ‘soul love map’ reference point that we can call our emotions back to, to ‘re-feel’ the ectasy, keep our energy uplifted, and increase what we radiate out in the waking state. I love dreams! 🙂
    TY for this wonderful video-amazing images also:)
    Sunbeam 🙂

  14. I think you can’t find your twinflame, you meet them. I also have a theory about that: the more you are aligned with your true soul essence and your own inner truth, the more likely it is that you also activate the twinflame energy within yourself and THEN you attract the twinflame relationship in your life. But I also think/know that the twinflame relationship is much more than finding your romantic partner, it’s finding your spiritual counterpart, both within yourself and your relationships.

  15. I have met some of my soulmates in this life time, both men and women from all ages, and this were always very special connections. I still feel a deep love for these people.

    There is someone I find just a little more special, the connection is stronger and it makes me “live out an entire romance” in my dreamtime and fantasy. But I’m not sure if that’s the same as the twinflame energy. It could be well the energy of my longings. Who knows 🙂

  16. I also have my spiritual and romantic experiences and sometimes it was a combination of both.

    When I think about twinflames I think about courtly love and mystic marriage, about poetry and sacred sex (tantra). About love and passion that start within the heart chakra.

    It is he purest and most intense love we all crave for. The kind of love that will become natural the more we raise our vibrations. And if we take the time to work on ourselves and our relationships.

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