1 thought on “Vedic astrology move almost 1 sun sign back from Western. So do I move my sign back using this system?

  1. The Zodiacs being named after the constellations is actually a misnomer, in all honesty.

    Astrology, western, decides to start with seasons, instead of the constellation, like Vedic. Vedic astrology is much more technical, and mundane than western. Western astrology is psychological, and therefore uses more subjective means as it’s starting point. March 21st, the solstice for ‘Cardinal’ birth/fire, Aries. This makes much more sense, than waiting on the irrelevant constellations. They were only used as an original starting point, but the REPRESENTATION of these signs, are what’s important. Not their locations!

    Besides, the Sun, the heliocentric center of the Universe, moves through signs as well…it changes it’s location, too. Right now it’s at the tail end of the Age of Pisces…but we don’t call all of the people born in the past 2,000 years Pisces, do we? No, ofcourse not. The planets are subject to the same treatment as the sun. They are disassociated from their original placement as well.

    Western focuses on the seasons, Vedic focuses on the constellations.

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