What are Soulmates? Truth & Misconceptions of Soul Mates

www.siddhayatan.org http www.siddhalishree.com (blog) Living Enlightened Master Acharya Shree Yogeesh sheds light on the concept of Soul Mates. Many people believe that only one person can be their soul mate, and they associated with this person romantically or are in love with them. Many consider the soulmate the “perfect person” and the “perfect love.” However, Acharya Shree says soulmates as lovers is the biggest misconception. The truth about soul mates is that family, friends, pets, and any other living because can be a soul mate. A soul mate is a soul you closely knew in a previous lifetime, and meet again in this lifetime to have another close relationship. *tags* soul mates, soulmates, spiritual children, spiritual family, spiritual learning, spiritual marriage, romance and spirituality, love, lovers, dating, astrology, destiny, spiritual wisdom, spirituality, enlightenment, enlightened master.

25 thoughts on “What are Soulmates? Truth & Misconceptions of Soul Mates

  1. Do we have more than One Soulmate in ONE lifetime? If one soul is dead will you find another one?

  2. @kall67
    yes. tis true.
    and also,
    if u have any wounds inside your heart, those must be healed first, before the universe will bring the mate. I know cuz i had a billion wounds that I healed first. Now I actually have something to give a man.

  3. I very much appreciate this openness and the courage to leave scripts, pseudo-certainties, human standards and concepts and think the idea further, in much wisdom, as I find. The connection between every living being in the material bears so many chances to improve and improve with each other that we should stop seeking and focusing on a ‘partner’, stop relating to a soul mate in romance only – the idea is indeed bigger and larger! THANK YOU :o)

  4. I didnt expect to find my soulmate, but did, dont look and if its meant to be in this lifetime you will surely find it.


  6. eyes are windows into the soul, if you look into your potential soulmates eyes and you see something familiar and loving then you know he/she is the one…

  7. i want to die with my soul mate 🙂 no lonely 🙁 sorry for your loss i can only imagine your pain.

  8. i want to find my soul mate so bad it has taken u pall of my time and i am 14

  9. My thoughts are with you i am and will continue to wait for my soulmate ,though i think shes out in the fields somewhere and until that day that i can seek her i will stay where i am until my daughter grows up and can come with me, regards jurassicnev wildlife adventurer.

  10. I lost my soulmate on June 19, 2008. He was my husband. The night before he died, I screamed and cried……because I felt the emotional and physical pain of having my soul being torn in half. I could feel him dying and leaving me.
    Half of me died with him……I miss him…..I miss the half of me that died with him.
    My only light in this darkness, is that I know he is no longer in pain.

  11. Someones a sad panda…Have you had any problems with dating? If you had you can talk to someone about it and not post really sad comments like that. It makes me feel bad.

  12. My love at 1st site partner died 19 years ago. Many tears fell for 9 years. Then I could breath again, but still ache. I met my Husband on the 15th Anniv. of his death. We are born 2yrs+1 day apart. I moved to NZ from US to be with him. I had a dream recently, that I was mourning the 1st in the 1700’s, then again in the early 1800’s and again in the 1900’s. I now look at my husband and see the 1st in him. Makes me wonder if he is his soul double. I love them both. I can’t imagine losing the 2nd.

  13. I used to have a small pot of cacti and I would carry it with me to every room of the house…well I went on vacation for one week and they died while I was away, even though I did have someone go feed them.

  14. It’s not necessarilly love at first sight, it’s someone who balances you out, someone who brings out all of your qualities, someone you can’t bear to be apart from and more than anything, someone who’s personality just meshes with your’s perfectly. And I think as soon as you meet them, you just know that they are for you. Like jigsaw pieces fitting together I guess…

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