What are the benefits of a foot massage-reflexology?

I’ve had general massages before-swedish and know that pedicures are enjoyable but is there anything special about reflexology vs a pedicure?

5 thoughts on “What are the benefits of a foot massage-reflexology?

  1. Other than the fact that they feel good and help to reduce stress, there is no medical proof that reflexology has any other medical benefits. There are many pro-holistic medicine folks out there that claim that reflexology has many health benefits based upon the “meridians” in your feet that they “channel” with a vibrating device. However, none of these claims have been found true in any medical experiment.

  2. A pedicure is just a fluff massage and cleaning. Reflexology is a totally different experience. Reflexology help with your general health and will make your feet feel like you have been walking on clouds. Be sure to make sure whom ever is giving you the massage is certified or else they may be doing more harm then good. Sometimes reflexology can be a bit painful if you have a lot of issues. However, it’s the good kind of pain that will feel so much better once it’s done. Make sure to drink plenty of water after any kind of massage so help flush the toxins from your system.

  3. reflexology has much more benefits than a foot massage. A true reflexology session can help in some ailments that the body may have. some can even tell a woman if she is pregnant or not. some can tell you if have a liver disease or even if you have something wrong with your prostate or colon so reflexology is much deeper than just going to get your feet rubbed.

  4. ya there is a lot different between those two but both works well in making smooth blood flows. and that means good healthy body to do our tense routine day in day out.

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