What are the main differences between Vedic and Western Astrology?

I’ve heard that there is more focus on death and karma in Vedic astrology.
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4 thoughts on “What are the main differences between Vedic and Western Astrology?

  1. . I’m not sure, but hopefully vic D can answer this, because he is a vedic astrologer. I’d like to see the answers to this myself.

    to vic: your welcome =)

  2. Hey thanks for remembering me Down But Not Out!!!

    HERE are the main differences:

    1. The Vedic system utilizes the “sidereal” zodiac, western uses the tropical zodiac. The sidereal zodiac calculated from the stars themselves, not the topic of capricorn and cancer, thus it is not affected adversely by the procession of the equinoxes.

    2. The Vedic system utilizes only visible planets and the lunar nodes (no Uranus, Neptune or Pluto traditionally – but with 27 additional stars and about a half dozen other non-visible calculated points).

    3. Vedic astrology traditionally does not utilize a divided house system (where one sign can transverse the borders of two houses). We consider that the signs actually BECOME the houses at the moment of birth – and thus the entire first house is a particular sign, the entire second house the next sign, etc.

    4. The degrees of planetary aspects are considered, but not as importantly as in the West. All planets, for example, aspect the ENTIRE house 7th from them, nut just a 10 or 15 degree “orb” of it, although the closer the degree, the stronger the influence.

    5. Finally – Vedic Astrology has a very practical slant. It is oriented towards predicting specific events and dealing with specific and empirically verifiable circumstances (like medical astrology, for example). Moreso than Western astrology, and is traditionally said to be less psychologically oriented than Western astrology (though personally I disagree with that).

    I’ll put a little more info in a link below. Feel free to read all the articles on my site, too. Thanks for the question.

    JANET: I’ve fixed the link – SORRY.

  3. I wish I knew Janet………..Chinese and vedic – indian – astrology is way more complicated than our basic one. And lots more accurate too.
    western astrology looks like first grader compared to them.
    source : visited some………..and boy…….@@@@@@@@@@@

    does not mean it is always accurate though…..because those countries would have taken the whole world by now :-)):D

  4. vedic or sidereal astrology, ties its signs of the zodiac to the actual constellations and takes into account the precession of the equinoxes( this means that when astrology was first thought of, the earth was tilted one way and now its tilted another way) so if you were born in the month of cancer, the stars were actually in gemini, making u an actual gemini, not a cancer…….i would have gave u a alot longer explanation, but …..i dont f*ckin want too.

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