4 thoughts on “What does it mean when someone tells you, ” Your twin flame is on the other side”?

  1. It sounds like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends.

    “When your soul enters the physical, it divides in half – male and female – above and below – experiencing together simultaneously.
    Encoded in every soul’s DNA is the need to reunite with that twin aspect”

    Cut & pasted from here…

  2. Most of the “mystery” religions are “dualist” in nature, so it is not surprising that they have a concept of a spiritual “twin”. To gnostic christians, Jesus had a “twin” which was “Judas Thomas” or “Didymus”…..i.e. Thomas the Apostle, whose name literally means “twin”. There is scripture about this in the Gospel of Thomas. The idea of a “soulmate” stems from the concept that our spirits are in fact unisexual, so if you are female in this world, you have a male counterpart in the spiritual realm.

    I sometimes wonder if this does not account for homosexuality as the spirit roles get reversed.

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