How do you know if you found your “Twin Flame”?

How do you know if you found your “Twin Flame”?

What are some signs && Do you feel anything in your stomach like a “Pull”?

  1. ChrisApr 23, 2010 wouldn’t be asking!

  2. My Haters R My MotivatorsApr 23, 2010

    Trust me…you will know.

  3. inteleyesApr 23, 2010

    I knew it before she made herself known to me…
    When I was a very young child, I would watch love moves, I don’t know any other young child that would watch adult old fashion love movies. I would feel the love within me, the love of my long lost twin flame.

    It was many years later one night I for the first time had a out of body experience, I astral traveled in the night sky and met a white spirit woman and we hugged as if we knew one another. I thought it was a dream, until she years later made herself know to me, and when I truly was in need. She then gave me memories of us together in our first life, a past life. We were and still are in love. We take turns as each others spirit guide because we love and trust one another.

    Eventually your true twin flame will come to you, or you will fine him….
    You and your twin flame if you have one, each of you will find one another because like Adam and Eve you and your flame were made for one another.

    Signs are feelings of a missing a special love.
    You may find a mate, but deep within you know it’s not your twin flame.
    Your flame mate would have a gentle compassion to comfort you, it’s in the touch and in the voice, you will know.

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