I received a reiki attunement and I was wondering how I could increase the reiki energy?

i know there is defferent levels of reiki, when i received the attunement he said there is really no need for an attunement for each level. he said just the 1 attunement and practice i could reach level 3. any opinions?

6 thoughts on “I received a reiki attunement and I was wondering how I could increase the reiki energy?

  1. Practive your yellow bamboo level 1 techniques and launch a qi ball at him.

    What is yellow bamboo you ask?

    Yellow Bamboo is a Balinese White Magic and an Art of self-development, protection, healing
    founded in Singaraja Bali with over 30,000 members worldwide.

    The benefit of Yellow Bamboo is to create the necessary power within you to achieve whatever positive outcome you desire.

  2. If you’ve got money to waste can’t you throw it in my direction? I’ve just done my tax return and it’s not looking that great, I could do with a lift. I hope you know it’s all a load of old tosh, manipulating energy that doesn’t really exist is a good scam though

  3. Certainly the person who attuned you is right. Reiki is not about that or “levels”. It’s about daily work of self-healing (Tenihiro), working on getting in touch with the energy (Hatrsurei Ho), and dedication to the five precepts of the Reiki system. Those are the requirements as set out by Usui, the founder of the Reiki system.

    You can learn a lot about what Reiki really means from the International House of Reiki site (http://www.reiki.au.net ). The articles there will help you grow in understanding of what it means to be “attuned” at any level of the system.

  4. Im a Reiki Master/Teacher and I give out attunements all the time. I love doing embedded attunements which I embed attunements with the energies of Reiki or whatever attunement im giving and I also read it first before sending it out and I get reattuned which makes my Reiki stronger. Read the following and see if you feel anything at all. Enjoy.

    “I am now ready to receive the Usui Reiki Level 1 attunement from Barbara Thank you”


  5. Today most Reiki traditions have three stages of development which was not always the case. The stages of development are called Shoden (Reiki I: first teachings); Okuden (Reiki II: inner teachings); and Shinpiden (Reiki III: mystery teachings). Shoden teaches us how to give Reiki treatments using hand positions, how to cleanse ourselves, and the 5 principles/precepts, aka Gokai. Okuden is teaches three symbols: Cho Ku Reiki (focus/power); Sei Hei Ki (balance/mental-emotional); and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (connection/distant healing). Shinpiden teaches us how to work with the master symbol Dai Ko Mio (empowerment) and how to attune people. All three stages end in “den” which roughly translates as “teachings” and is different from the martial arts where the ending is “dan”. “Den” is used to signify the beginning of a new stage where “dan” signifies the ending of a stage. The symbols can be used as training wheels. There is alot of debate over their use but as you can see there is much more to Reiki than just one atunement.

    The short answer to your questions is through self-treatment and working with Reiki. There are practices like Hatrsurei Ho, Lao Gong Stimulation (martial arts); and a variety of other exercises you can do to help but there is no substitute for working with it. Part of self-treatment should be practices around the 5 principles as Usui said they are the pathway to happiness but more importantly they help keep your body clear of stagnant energy. The most common analogy is where the human body is used a straw/channel/electrical conduit. You need to ask yourself have I lost faith in Reiki’s ability? If so it can answer the question of why you are asking this question.

  6. The attunements are great. Personally, I never pass up an opportunity to participate in an attunement session or receive attunements. This is like confirming your marriage vows. Not necessary, but great nonetheless.

    My belief is that the relationship between yourself, the higher self and the Universal Life Force is a personal relationship. Through Reiki practice and Reiki Meditation, you will strengthen the bond between yourself and the Universe. In so doing becoming more and more aware of the Reki flow and become more and more intuitive in the Reiki usage. At your next self-treatment session, ask the Universe for wisdom, insight and intuition.

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