15 thoughts on “Long Long Time … Rod McKuen

  1. Time washes clean
    loves wounds unseen
    thats what someone told me
    but I dont know what it means.

  2. I lived this song and the memory never dies, she is still the love of my life.
    First loves never fade away, they live in your heart….

  3. Quoting Rod himself: Yes, we’re talking about the Gary White song “Long, Long, Time, ” that was popularized by Linda Rondstadt. It’s from my double LP “Pastorale” Arthur Greenslade wrote a terrific chart for it and I’m backed by The Westminster Symphony

  4. what cd is this from?….I would love to get it…but cant find it anywhere…does anyone know?

  5. excellent, pure and simple….tears fall down in utter joy of how wonderful this song is… thank you for this amazing song.

  6. Lovely lyrics, tune, voice of Rod McKuen so expressive, the pictures very evocative, thank you for this lovely offering.

  7. Beautiful lyrics and melody…. 5***** stars and more kabayan. Keep up the good work.
    Greetings from Germany!

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