Mithras – Pagan Origins of Christianity

Mithras – Pagan Origins of Christianity

This video is for those Christians who dare to deny any similarities between Christianity and pagan religions that predate Christianity. Watch the next part about Osiris by clicking the following link: Taken from the documentary “The Hidden Story of Jesus” by Robert Beckford. Find it in google video.

  1. Candypain1Apr 23, 2010

    google Doe’s Account, its mindblowing.

  2. jwbflyerApr 23, 2010

    Also, Paul didn’t adopt Pagan beliefs or use them. He found common ground, built trust and friendship on it, and then laid down the truth to which he recieved some to mockery and some to salvation. If I am going to preach to farmers in Afghanistan, I had better learn Poshtu, learn to eat goat meat, and learn to hold hands as a sign of friendship. Build trust and friendship without compromising your God. This video is poor.

  3. jwbflyerApr 23, 2010

    If your to use the Bible for refernce like Paul in Corinth then why not use Matthew where Satan tempts Yeshua and says “it is written”? Satan has been here long before Mithra (myth) and has had PLENTY of time to set up propaganda

    After the true event of Yeshua the Messiah, he then begins to manipualte that with his proto-deception.

    We have seen Satans hand in Mithra, Greek Mythology, and others

    If you are going to open the Bible for sources, open it all the way up.

  4. dmshoesApr 23, 2010

    Bull.Paul didnt know any messiah named jesus,The messiah didnt call himself or his followers christians,and jesus isnt a translation of the messiah.The scriptures tell you to get understanding in all your getting.Christianity is religion,the scriptures(bible)isnt a religious book.

  5. ahmalalaApr 23, 2010

    Everything christians believe about Jesus is found in the Old testament. It was pauls source for his beliefs about Jesus other than his visions.

  6. XSC3Apr 23, 2010


    or another example. How about the feminine name “Mary”? Marie, Miriam, Maria, Maarja, Mae, Maia, Maija, Maira, Maleah, etc. No “pagan conspiracy theory” necessary to explain the differences. it’s the same root. People who are afraid of translations and holidays really don’t get the study of ancient history and forget that we’re talking about different cultures but messages that were meant to be UNIVERSAL

  7. XSC3Apr 23, 2010

    @inthelight7771 it’s a bit like translating someone’s name today.

    Let’s say you have a brother named “John.” If you called him Jean-Luc (french), Juan (spanish), Ivan (Russian), or Johann (german), it’s still the same name or nickname “Johnny.” You haven’t tried to “corrupt” him or turn him into another person, have you? So the same thing with “Jesus” (or Joshua, Yeshua, Yahshuah, Iesous, or his name rendered in Hebrew characters)

  8. XSC3Apr 23, 2010

    @inthelight7771 Constantine didn’t change Jesus’ name, that’s pretty funny. The New Testament documents, as any NT scholar will point out, were originally written in KOINE GREEK. This was centuries before Constantine was even born. In those texts, his name is IESOUS, not “Yeshua.” Yeshua is merely what we think his name sounded like in the Aramaic he and his disciples spoke. Many Jews of that time had their names translated (Paulus from Saul for example) doesn’t make it pagan corruption

  9. XSC3Apr 23, 2010


    So I guess you think anyone who insists on researching the evidence and promoting facts (rather than substituting rumor and amateur speculation) make ones “obviously deluded”?

    The idea that Jesus (or Yeshua) was a purely mythical figure based on earlier “pagan dying and rising savior gods” or the idea that because of some holiday names or artwork the Christian religion is “plagiarized mithraism (or horus worship)” has been completely debunked by scholars

  10. XSC3Apr 23, 2010

    Few “Sabbatarian” would-be reformers seem to realize this but “Easter” is simply the western name given to the ancient Christian festival of Pascha, the culmination of Lent (40 days of fasting) and the celebration of the resurrection of Christ. “Pascha” simply means “Passover” and is the Christian version of the ancient Jewish holiday, reinterpreted, as Christ himself did in the Gospels (the “Last Supper”). it has nothing to do with any goddess

  11. XSC3Apr 23, 2010

    @inthelight7771 again, the idea that there was some “golden age” that was destroyed the instant Constantine came to power and started supporting the Christian religion financially after his conversion (whatever your thoughts about its genuineness) and the Edict of Milan is simple fantasy. The idea of a completely pure “Hebrew” Christianity that kept the Sabbath and was completely aloof from “pagan” culture or philosophy is similarly fanciful, despite what some modern sectarian preachers say

  12. XSC3Apr 23, 2010

    Actually, this whole “sabbath purity” theory that it was all Constantine’s fault is false. There was always a conflict in the early Christian sect over how much of the Jewish law was to be followed by new converts (especially Gentiles). It was not resolved in Constantine’s time or by his hand. It was not until a half century AFTER Constantine’s death that Christianity was made the state religion.

  13. xxdiogenescynicxxApr 23, 2010

    @XSC3 You are obviously deluded.

  14. inthelight7771Apr 23, 2010

    Not true. Don’t blame it on Paul. Paul’s teachings were hard to understand by some, but never undermined the OT, only if you twist what he says it does. It was actually Constantine who merged alot of paganism (he worshiped Mithra) and “Christianized” it. He even changed the Sabbath from 7th day to Sunday (Sol Invictus Mithra, the venerable day of the sun), among other things! It undermines true Christinity. IN fact the underground church who continued to follow the bible were killed&persecuted.

  15. mrghulamgardeziApr 23, 2010

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  16. kvltiztApr 23, 2010

    The secular minority would like our planet back now.

  17. zulkarnain08Apr 23, 2010

    Plz watch this video and u will know who is pagan regilion..stupid ass hole…

    watch this video

    (Revealing God’s Treasure – Ark of the Covenant)

  18. razumfrackleApr 23, 2010

    humanistbanana:”And your proof is….?”

    And, my proof of what is?

  19. inthelight7771Apr 23, 2010

    It was NOT Paul. It was Constantine. He got threatened by the christians because so many were being converted, and he felt like he couldn’t control them, so since he couldn’t wipe them out, he made it a state religion so he could control it then. He worshiped Mythra and changed Yeshua’s name to IESOUS and added holidays like Easter (bare breasted fertility goddess) to celebrate the resurrection. All the pagan roots go to the Catholic religion he created….

  20. inthelight7771Apr 23, 2010

    The pagans/Constantine twisted the bible to conform to their pagan beliefs, just like the Course of Miracles twists the bible and takes it out of context to support their made-up Jesus, just like many denominations and christians who “have a form of godliness but deny the power of God to transform their lives” come up with their own man-made things. Just like the pharasees in the bible added their own burdonsome rules that contradicted God’s law. It isn’t anything new.

  21. inthelight7771Apr 23, 2010

    True hebraic Christianity PRE-dates paganism. When Constantine created his own pagan/christian religion (Catholocism) he merged the two, while persecuting the real christians who continued in the teachins of Jesus. They were fed to lions, burned at the stake, tortured because they wouldn’t compromise. Jesus’ real name is Yeshua. His birthday is NOT the 25th (Mythra’s bday)…. Look up Michael Rood on youtube. He explains it well. This is WHY I do NOT celebrate Christ-Mass.

  22. 420HashSmokerApr 23, 2010

    I don’t think there are.
    Unless you have proof to substatiate your claim, you’re, as the saying goes, shit out of luck.

  23. humanistbananaApr 23, 2010

    And your proof is….?

  24. razumfrackleApr 23, 2010

    Jesus “mythers”, hah no credible anthropologist or historian believes this nonsense.

    This vid is for the culturally and historically ignorant; every proposed “fact” is easily debunked.

  25. VenustarrApr 23, 2010

    @ForTheArticles I always believed Akenaton was the first monotheist in Egypt.

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