Nestle vs. Maxfield Parrish – Compare and Contrast

According to an account on one website, the Maxfield Parrish Estate reportedly sued Nestle for its 1986 “Sweet Dreams” ad for recreating the artist’s work without asking premission beforehand. And judging by the similarities which the commercial poses to “Ecstacy”, “Daybreak”, and to a lesser extent “Dinky Bird”, it’s easy to understand why.

4 thoughts on “Nestle vs. Maxfield Parrish – Compare and Contrast

  1. The audio could have been enhanced a bit also… with echoes fading out at the end….. and no, I’m not on Acid……. 9-2-09

  2. Who ever did this video, it is fantastic. I have Daybreak on my wall. The first time I saw this commercial I about crapped my diapers being a Parrish lover……….

  3. Nestle’s should have contacted the MP family BEFORE they made this. MP might have gone with it……. None the less, the commercial has its haunting beauty that…. I cannot resist.

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