Spirituality and Culture

Sister Joan D. Chittister, a Benedictine nun, discusses how culture changes and the implications those changes have for contemporary spirituality. She focuses on the stages of revitalization, global definitions of the seven capital sins, and American society as it moves into the 21st century. Series: Walter H. Capps Center Series [7/2009] [Humanities] [Show ID: 16612]

10 thoughts on “Spirituality and Culture

  1. What a refreshing, word! Can we still stand such honesty and fidelity to Christ message in the midst of today’s wide spread corruption and paganism? I hope so, or Christianity is doomed!

  2. It is a travesty that Chittister passes herself off as “Sister” representing a Roman Catholic nun. She should team up with x-nun Karen Armstrong. Neither any longer represent Catholicism but globalism. See Aquarius Age of Evil Trailer pts 1&2 on youtube.

  3. Betruetothelight: So true, your words. To love, to forgive, to see, to have tolerance, to remove judgement and prejudice, to have compassion for one another regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, religion, financial status, political affiliations, country… We are truly all one, interconnected on many levels, and how we treat one another is so very important. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Peace to all…

  4. WE MUST LEARN TO LOVE!That’s the only way out of darkness.When you love,you really get it.The understanding,compassion,wisdom,peace and spiritual elevation.

  5. We must learn to love! It doesn’t matter what you are,who you are or what you think you must be.

  6. Rebel

    I never suggested that religion is ONLY divided by east & west

    There are 3 flavors of desert dogma’s; and even among Baptists, most consider themselves completely different from other Baptists

    To many old school Irish Catholics, any other Christian religion is simply considered “protestant”

    There are likely tens of thousands of subcategories of religions in all

  7. I appreciate your work Miss C, working across so many cultures I’d like to know. Finding common ways to reach people across great divides. Does show how age long stories work in us on a individual emotional base, to unify each of us into a single voice. Do you see us reaching a single culture, if we can not loose phrases of one side challenging the others? Is the use of arcane words holding us back from understanding the advances the thinkers have done through out the centuries?

  8. Religion is only divided into east and west? Wrong. A large portion of Americans are protestant Christians, yes..but the religion in the west is just as diverse as it is in the east. There are varying degrees of how you say Easterners see God. The Chinese take what you say to such an extreme as to say that we each have our own personal Gods inside of us.. and we need to focus on ourselves and how we can serve the state. Hindus and Buddhists believe more of what you say, but you forgot Islam

  9. To the West: God made man separate from himself, (and man was later cast out of heaven)

    To the East: God divided over and over again until everything was made Thus, everything IS god

    To the West, a rock or a tree are an it; but to the East, the rock & the tree are a thou

    In the Western tradition of religion, god is a separate entity distinct from man; in Eastern traditions man is an extension of god. These are two entirely different outlooks!

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