25 thoughts on “The Christians and the Pagans – Dar Williams

  1. “God-fearing” “obedient” “Servant of the lord” all sound a lot to me like “cowardly” and “weak”… But then again, that’s just me.

  2. @maryamsm he was convicted under the law of the land, but let me ask you this? why would i want the man dammed? he broke a law of man and was punished by men, I would not want him punished forever for one act. I would rather he deal with the consequences for his actions in this life by taking responsibility for his actions. Gods do what they will but the price of free will is responsibility, not piety.

  3. @Rabbyadam no not really…i just think forgiveness only goes so far then there is justice! I would NOT bring the other cheek for anyone to slap. I’d call the cops the moment i’m slapped! lol

  4. @maryamsm now that just sounds stupid… you’re saying that He shouldn’t have found happiness from some other religion, and, he should have held resentful prayers and anger in this god no one knows exists…? I bet you like TV evangelists.

  5. My sister and I are both Pagans coming from a christian family. Our parents and brother are the only parts of the family that accept our choice. So this song reminds me of my family, Its great.

  6. @coraon Or you could have just trialed the guy for child abuse and worshiped a true God whom would punish him in the hereafter as well.

  7. “when Christians sit with Pagans only pumpkin pies are burning”, that’s EPIC WIN right there xD

  8. I think every religion is beautiful… to an extent.
    But still, I think it’s wonderful when anyone finds and is content with their spiritual path, even if it’s atheism.

  9. i consider myself pagan but as my whole family is catholic its like dancing on a blade

  10. “…the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.” 1 Corinthians 10:20

  11. @daysofnoah2012 For me, here is why. When I was growing up Catholic I was a young boy and I was molested by my babysitter. when dealing with it later in faith counseling, I was told I had to ask forgiveness from god, because i have had pre-marital sex with a man, I had to ask for forgiveness because I was raped. I then looked for a faith that would accept me, when I found wicca and started to learn they healed my soul. Now as a priest, I help others heal and grow.

  12. Love love love this song. It is what the world really needs. Not animosity between different religions., but open honest dialog. Animosity not to be confused with defense.

  13. This sounds like family at the holidays …lol …I guess thats why I bring meade. 🙂

  14. thanks for replying. From experience with people I’ve met in my life, when they call themselves pagan it seemed to mean they didn’t have much of any beliefs. Maybe I’m misinformed or just lacking in accurate knowledge

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