The Cranberries – Dreams ( Directors Cut )

The Best Of 1992-2002 Discografia The Cranberies: UNCERTAIN — 1991 EVERY BODY ELSE IS DOING IT, SO WHY CAN’T WE? — 1992 NO NEED TO ARGUE — 1994 TO THE DEPARTED — 1996 BURY THE HATCHET- 1999 Beneath the Skin (Live in Paris)

25 thoughts on “The Cranberries – Dreams ( Directors Cut )

  1. From France , when we are thinking about Ireland , we imediately saying Cranberies !
    Dolores is full talented singer , i hope watching her again for some new songs ! I Love ireland , irish , this country is so important for me !

  2. Sinead O’Connor rip off right down to the combat boots and shapeless white gown.
    They didn’t need to do that Dolores has her own talented voice.

  3. hehehheheh i love this song soo much best by bb_boi69sugar in code name bb_cute mwuah


  4. she looks so dorky with that boyish cut carrying the…but who would have known she would grow into a beautiful woman…:) the song….my all time favourite….it taught me how to yodell….hahaha

  5. @FredrickVonWinkle457 come to think of it, how the hell did pearl jam remind me of this? anyway, thank god they did…

  6. omfg… this is so damn nostalgic for me, grew up hearing this & never heard it again till I heard unthought known by pearljam a few days ago, which brought back indescribable childhood joy. love this.

  7. I don’t know what it is inside of me but I love birds with short cropped hair. Truly great expression of freedom.

  8. @ForeverAnalog oh whoops ha ha generation Z then I have no idea when all these generations start.

  9. @thewolfPrince I was born 1979, and thats the start of Generation Y . This music was popular with the kids at my school.

  10. MY god I’m a generation y’er and I love this music it gets me away from the bland music of our current generation.

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