The History of Aura Imaging

Originally called “Aura Introduction” and “Aura 91”. A short introduction video about Auras and Aura Imaging done in the 90’s.

25 thoughts on “The History of Aura Imaging

  1. seeing this makes me feel relaxed, now i know im not crazy when i see auras around people, all those years i felt like a fish out of water, wondering if anyone could see the same as i, i still not knowing well about the color meanings, but at the dojo, i see many red / orange / yellow auras around my fighting partners, maybe that’s why shaolin kung fu monks use those colors

  2. I can read auras. Anyone can see/read them with practice. Mine switches from purple to gold ^^ But mostly purple.

  3. @TeamVirility, you wish you could f*** me HOMO !! But am not a gay homo like you and the dutch fags. What color is your Aura, pink or yellow ????

    QUEER !!!!

  4. Fuk you french cheez sucker . It been proven many times by many bright minds

  5. I think I can see yellow black and abit of blue 😛 but I take this all with a grain of salt.

  6. you want to see my aura
    are you an adorer?
    circumference 3-dimensional
    very suspenseful
    brake out your tools & utensils
    pulling out your soul like tonsils
    some are monsters
    others claim to be mobsters
    met one once that was a red lobster
    riding in a chopper
    eating a big whooper
    training like a fly swapper
    chewing candy from a paper thin wrapper
    buying fire crackers called snappers
    well below planted trappers
    but in the end they will never zap us !

  7. 2 questions: was any of this ever verified with double-blind controlled trials?
    why is he wearing a lab coat? he doesn’t come anywhere near a hazardous chemical or potential spillage

  8. hmmm smells like bullshit.

    Why did he have to be so cheesy? I wanted him to demonstrate it in real time. It all just looks like cheesy after effects in post produciton.

  9. There is apparently instruments to measure auras or fields around the body youtube Dr pete peterson he claims to of invented such instruments.

  10. Auras suck even if auras are real. It would be stupid as hell to be as interested in that as your freind or your job, because if auras were real then they would be as mundane as your heart or your arm just a part of you. It would benot that cool like being a mlb pitcher. being an mlb pitcher is cool only around 1000 people ever have pitched in the major leagues.

  11. Who cares Auras are stupid and anyone who cares about auras is a fukin dorky freak. Things in the phisical world are more interesting like entertainment like sports like baseball and like real life things. Auras are so stupid like being as interested in aura as cockfighting or your girlfriind or freinds is stupid.

  12. auras are stupid bullshit. Aura energy is stupid boring bullshit. things in the phisical world like baseball and real life things are way better espicaly boxing, mma, and rugby.

  13. Energy is usable work force. I wish he would actually tell us how to measure this “energy” and what it is made up of. It would be incredibly useful in the assessment of these claims. Define “amplification, and tell us how electromagnetism shows us what usable work force we have. Tell us why our circulation would change depending on our musical ability. He uses a lot of scientific words which don’t mean anything to us.

  14. problem is the machinery is not advanced enough to see all the aura correctly nor measure its density size etc..

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