What are Bach flowers Remedies?

actually, I know, but I need to correct something someone wrote about them. She is correct in that one should not take more than 5 remedies at the same time, however the exception is the Rescue Remdy. You CAN add other remedies to Bach Flower Remdy. So when I suggest Rescue Remedy and add Walnut for a specific situation, It is correct and smart to do so. The RR is an overall emotional boost/calm and makes the person or animal more receptive to the remedy/remedies chosen for the specific situation.
The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer

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  1. I just asked a question on whether these Bach Remedies work?
    I had two answers, both yes. I read that you can not take more than 7 at a time. I took the little exam provided on the site and they showed the top 9 that I need. I am still exploring this natual remedy. Thanks for the Encyclopedia suggested. I will look it up. I am so curious about this therapy. It looks like it is popular with others also. I am now more excited about it.

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