What Gods and Goddesses do you work with as a Wiccan and Why?

This is a question for those who follow the Wiccan religion. I was just wondering what Gods and Goddesses you personally like to work with and why. I’ve done research on the different deities, but would like other peoples perspective as well. Thanks everyone!

4 thoughts on “What Gods and Goddesses do you work with as a Wiccan and Why?

  1. i usually work with the greek pantheon. i know them the best and i feel more of an attachment to them. though i believe in the aspect belief, where all gods and goddesses are aspects of the god and goddess. it’s a bit more complicated than that but we’ll leave it at that.

  2. I work only with the gods I have a direct relationship with and to. They are real beings not names for picking out of a hat.

    If they wanted to work with you, they’d tell you, and if they haven’t, I’d assume they aren’t interested.

    The names of the gods should never be used lightly, and in a place such as this, where people who don’t believe in them actively seek to attack their names, I think saying their names is disrespectful.

  3. Wicca is a nature based religion. There are many energies that are accessed or invoked. Just a few are the Moon Goddess, She is invoked ~ prayed ~ or which ever term you feel more comfortable with on specific phases of the moon . The Lady The Horned One or The Lady and the Lord are in references to a whole that is balanced with both male and female ~ Yin and Yang ~ In other religions God …As well as the elements and so on…

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