What is the purpose for daggers and other weapons in Pagan rituals?

Party Cat has heard of weapons, such as daggers. being used in Pagan rituals. I assume it’s for symbolism.

What is the purpose? Please enlighten Party Cat on this!

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  1. Depends on the pagan, Party Cat.
    Generally, knives are used as symbols for hte phallus, or are used to direct energies. You could think of a blade as being similar to a wand- it is an extension of your arm, and you can channel your energy through it. Some people also use knives for cutting of herbs, paper, etc.

  2. I don’t do this, but it has to do with the ‘chalice and the blade’. The chalice represents the feminine and the blade represents the masculine. Placing the blade into the chalice represents the joining of the two (with obviously sexual symbolism).

  3. Greetings!

    “Religion” means to “Re-Link”, and most “Pagans” like the Romance of the Past……….My Shamanic Tool-kit has a Stone Knife, and this is used for various purposes………..engraving Sigils, creating items of leather, wood, cutting Herbs, and directing Energy.

    The Energy of Thought-Forms.

    The Tools are more than Symbols………..we think of them as having Life-Energies of their own. They are more than crude Matter, and exist on other Planes, other Places, just as we do.

    Just as our Ancestors did, we Name them, we care for them, we pass them on to our Children, we are connected to them, and they to us.

    Lots of fun, really! Gives one a sense of Purpose.


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