What kinds of stones and herbs are used in magic and healing?

I’ve heard of amethyst and quartz as two kinds of stones, and feverfew as one of the plants, but I don’t really know what they are used for. And if you could tell me any more with their uses, that’d be great. It’s for my book, thanks in advance:)

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  1. amethysts and quartz are used for replenishment of spiritual energy…

  2. You can make use of just about any herb/plant/stone with magic and healing. You could probably just google “magical herb/stone correspondences” and find whole websites dedicated to it.
    Way too much to list here 😛 I can tell you that feverfew releives headaches. Quartz is a good overall stone, used a lot for cleansings. Amethyst works with your third eye/chakra.

  3. yes the amethyst and quartz have been answered but any others in magic and healing with stones or herbs it all depends on what you want to do as in love, revenge/cursings or controlling someone it just all boils down to what you want and if you are willing to go for darker more powerful path to get with you want

  4. Devo has hit the nail on the head there, pretty much any stone or herb can be used for healing and or magic.

    Even the ones in your garden – in fact ESPECIALLY the ones in your garden. All too often people get caught up about using semi precious gems in their healing and spells, and we tend to forget that these items often have a hidden darker side to them. Certainly they are objects of great beauty and a gift from the earth, but most mining techniques used to extract these gems from the depths of Mother Earth cause great suffering to the workers who’s job it is to mine them. Many of them live in poverty working for next to no pay, the techniques used to mine the gems such as strip mining and mountain top removal cause untold damage to the earth. Most of the gemstones we use as healing stones, the ones sold as tumble stones or crystal points are often the cast offs from the Gem industry, that which is not good enough to make the grade in jewellery can be recut and sold as a healing stone (it’s big business hence the damaging mining techniques) Also many of the gems we see in shops have been altered, a goodly portion of the Citrine is heated amethyst, as is some Smokey Quartz, so be careful what you choose. Natural stones of both of these have an extra light look, the faked stuff is darker and less golden. ( I know this as my partner is a geologist and can spot a faked stone at ten paces lol) Try to ascertain whether your local supplier is selling ethically mined stones – the chances are they won’t know whether they were or not.

    Anyhow back to your question, yes all stones can have some healing or magical powers. Forgetting for now the semi precious gems, Flint is used to ‘cut through’ problems (especially useful if it has a naturally sharp edge) Jasper (the dull looking yellowy stuff but it comes in dozens of colours) has a multitude of uses. You can find snow quartz in pebbles on the beach and often in gravel that has been used to surface an area, snow quartz has all the properties of clear quartz plus a few of it’s very own – it can be more gentle than clear quartz. A stone you find out in your local area has two advantages, no one had to suffer to mine it and nothing had to die when they dug up the earth to harvest it. It also has an intrinsic link to the local land, and nothing works better for connecting to local dieties and landscape than something gifted to you from it. Notice stones when you’re out on walks, take it to a museum or rock shop to have it identified and then use one of the multitude of books or online resources to find out what it is and study it’s properties. You can even buy a stone tumbler to get your own tumble stones if you really want to bring out their beauty.

    Don’t forget stones that correspond to the chakra colours are also useful for the same things the chakra is linked to, Red stones (jasper again lol) are for vitality and energy, orange for ‘feelings’ and empathy, yellow for joy and creativeness, pink or green for heart related issues and the always favoured ‘love’ spells, blue for throat and for speaking or communication issues, purple for third eye and psychic abilities and finally snow, white or clear for the crown and the link to the universe. Black of course are grounding and asbsorbing. Half the fun of working with stones is the connection you make to them, what they mean to you – even if it’s a memory of where you found them 🙂

    As for herbs, you can’t go wrong with a good herbal book, herbs were the first medicines and are still being used for that purpose, Herbalists are extrememly proficient in their work and they have to pass rigorous training to be certified to practice on the general populance (something that most witches never get around to) You can use herbs for healing without ever being a witch, but that extra witchy spark can give the herb the extra healing kick if you’re so inclined. I’d reccomend online study of local plants to you (you wouldn’t believe how beneficial the humble nettle is when you get right down to it) starting with identification and then working up to using them. The reason I suggest this is, as with any magical work, the more you put into learning and connecting with whatever you’re studying the better a witch you will be in the long run.

    Hope helps 🙂

  5. Crystal and stone magick and herb magick have whole fat books written about them. There are many stones and crystals for the many ailments they can help to cure. One doesn’t just buy a crystal and use it and expect it to work. You need to set it outside and allow the sun to shine on it for at least three days and also allow the moon to shine on it for at least three days. Do this periodically afterwards, at least every ninety days. Then cast a circle and cleanse and consecrate the stone with holy water and incense and an invocation to the Goddess for healing.

    herb magick can be very dangerous. Some herbs are poisonous and quite harmless, if used properly and deadly when not. I do not discourage you from this magick but you must be very careful with it.
    I suggest that before you explore herb and crystal magick, you practice and become very proficient in ritual magick, moon magick, candle magick, and cord magick. Then study crystal and herb magick.

    Blessed Be

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