3 thoughts on “which bach flower remedies are used to cure drug addiction and bipolar disorder?

  1. The usual treatment for Bipolar I Disorder is lifelong therapy with a mood-stabilizer (either lithium, carbamazepine, or divalproex / valproic acid) often in combination with an antipsychotic medication. Usually treatment results in a dramatic decrease in suffering, and causes an 8-fold reduction in suicide risk. In mania, an antipsychotic medication and/or a benzodiazepine medication is often added to the mood-stabilizer. In depression, an antidepressant medication and/or lamotrigine is often added to the mood-stabilizer. Since antidepressant medication can trigger mania, this medication should always be combined with a mood-stablizer or antipsychotic medication to prevent mania.

    Research has shown that the most effective treatment is a combination of supportive psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and the use of a mood-stabilizer (often combined with an antipsychotic medication). There is no research showing that any form of psychotherapy is an effective substitute for medication. Likewise there is no research showing that any “health food store nutritional supplement” (e.g., vitamin, amino acid) is effective for Bipolar I Disorder.

    Since a Manic Episode can quickly escalate and destroy a patient’s career or reputation, a therapist must be prepared to hospitalize out-of-control manic patients before they “lose everything”. Likewise, severely depressed, suicidal bipolar patients often require hospitalization to save their lives.

    Although the medication therapy for Bipolar I Disorder usually must be lifelong, the majority of bipolar patients are noncompliant and stop their medication after one year. At 4-year follow-up of bipolar patients, 41% have a good overall outcome and 4% have died. Women with bipolar disorder lose, on average, 9 years in life expectancy, 14 years of lost productivity and 12 years of normal health

  2. I know nothing about Bipolar disorder but as someone who struggled with substance abuse for around 35 yrs. I can deffinately vouch from my own experience that amino acid suppliments is the only real help that I have found to be effective. It is also very effective for my very serious depression. It took me several years of reaserch and just as many with experimenting and adjusting to find what works for me but it is so worth it to be rid of the monkey and the smell of death if you know what I mean. The greatest break through in my research was a video called What the bleep do we know that I ordered through Blockbuster. They dont have it for rent but it is easily worth the 20$ to get it. besides there is so much info in it that you will want to see it more than once anyway. My amino acid regieme consists of Spirue-Tein protein powder a couple times a day and Amino-Sculpt at bed time. There are also a couple of sodas out that have replaced the sugar buzz with the amino acid phenylalanine which produces the warm fuzzy peptide endorphines. They are Diet MountainDew and Coke’s Vault Zero. I will warn though that too much will give you a head ache like any thing else will do. You need to watch the video to see how the Hypothermos gland works and supplies our cells receptors with the peptides blah blah blah. Sorry but it is a lot of info. But there are alternitives to white knukles and group b**ch sessions. Hope this helps and may GOD Bless all of your endeavors.

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