Who are the Indigo children?

Who are the Indigo children?

  1. 55y99Apr 23, 2010

    it has started. thank you!

  2. USA999983Apr 23, 2010

    About 12 years ago, I recall seeing two children. A young man and a young woman. With a dark-toned complexion, blond hair and piercing sky-blue eyes, they appeared to be in their mid-teens and were absolutely physically beautiful. They were holding hands and were affectionate toward each other as boyfriend and girlfriend, but looked remarkably like brother and sister. I still often think about them. Who they were, where they are and how they are living their lives today.

  3. jojocola4312Apr 23, 2010

    I am an indigo and I want to say to all, listen to each other and enjoy the only life you have.

  4. skorik34Apr 23, 2010


    tell me about it

  5. zxzrp0Apr 23, 2010

    You’re right, regardless of being a Indigo or not you should alwaysc concern yourself with fixing or at least helping in the fixing of the worlds problems……”fix shit!”….lol

  6. classicalheartburnApr 23, 2010

    i dont think indigo children really care if they are or not. they care about fixing shit. and if someone isn’t an indigo child, but they care about fixing shit, theyre going to get along with the indigo children, and vice versa. so really no one should care, they should just be. and then fix shit!

  7. zxzrp0Apr 23, 2010

    I believe in this but there is also people who use this belief to theyr advantage. Meaning they are not Indigo children they just think they are because the definition of not bein supported, introverted or what have you applys to them. If you ‘think” you are, you probably arent….

  8. chetbanksApr 23, 2010

    😛 😉

  9. LittleConquesApr 23, 2010

    I agree. People caught up in this world don’t understand the abstract nature of our soul’s connection with nature and the universe.

  10. AnaprinceApr 23, 2010

    Hey Indigo’s: Stop thinking so much. lol. I havent been able to turn off my telepathy for weeks now and your all the stuff I’m picking up is making my brain feel all tingly and junk…thank you. 🙂

  11. marsh12123444Apr 23, 2010

    Something is definitley happening. But I dont know what that is.

  12. allisrecklessinmeApr 23, 2010

    I identify totally since i was a little girl.
    Have a nice time over there and stop fighting…!

  13. sodomaliaApr 23, 2010

    it’s freemasons video.indigo,please be carefull with this.

  14. noneshallsleeptonighApr 23, 2010

    I am an indigo child, it is very much real, for all of you that dont think it is…you will see.

  15. LoveLightsPeaceApr 23, 2010

    Thank you. This explains why though my sons were born 15 years apart they remind me of the other. Their energies are very much the same and they have always had a respect and understanding of each other.
    Much love, for raising awareness.

  16. joefivethousand5000Apr 23, 2010

    i loved this because right when the lady started to try and say what indigos are supposed to do i started thinking you cant control me! indigo child discribes me very well but i dont really know enough to say i am one.

  17. orionstars44Apr 23, 2010

    Please look up Alex Collier and listen to what he has to say about our univers and what is starting to happen to us….Indigo children is our future for all of mankind….wisdon is power …true power..

  18. ratash2009Apr 23, 2010

    @panvisionproduction everyone in some way draws other peoples pain, Its what makes us human, To find your inner smile all you need to do is love yourself unconditionaly and create a balance within yourself, If you can do that you can achieve anything, We are all stars.

  19. panvisionproductionApr 23, 2010

    utch:) But my biggest gift is to support the week people. But like a spunge i draw the pain inside myself. Annyone! Please let me know more where to find my inner smile. Thanks And i envy you great people.. Greetings Tommy from Norway.

  20. matidela99Apr 23, 2010

    There are many people in the world young and old who would change the world if they could. Some due to suffering, others out of compassion. I am sure most people want to find purpose to their life, reason for being here. Answers are all within.
    As far as indigo belief goes I suppose if you are looking for something, you can see it because you want to believe it. Perhaps people find comfort in believing there is a different reason, why their child behaves in a certain way. Good luck

  21. matidela99Apr 23, 2010

    I don’t believe in the idea of indigo children/ reincarnated beings. Sorry I find it over the top. The problem with kids today is they are influenced by material things, aren’t taught respect for elders and want their own way. I have met many kids with the traits named in your video and the reasons for their behaviour is due to other issues, not because of a belief they are indigo.
    I appreciate you belief differently and hope you can find what your looking for.

  22. pvpfiishApr 23, 2010

    @diabblloo Hello, you have not suffered! Its the process YOU wished to happen! Think, look deep inside and question it you will find all your answers =].

    Light and Love,

  23. pwpg0516Apr 23, 2010

    I love you Magenta! :)))))

  24. GetWithTheAwesomeApr 23, 2010

    Well, since Christmas has come and gone, people are back to their rude old selves. No one truly understands us, because no one else can. Most everyone thinks that we think we are superior, when really we only know we are just simply different. However, people don’t like the thought of others being superior, nor do they like the thought of others being different, so why not treat them different. Who cares what happens because they aren’t important.

    Why can’t everyone see that they are wrong?

  25. astarotcitoApr 23, 2010

    Labeling sucks it only divides!!!! lets no wait for Jesus, extraterriestrials or Indigos even if you belive in them! we all have the power to make the change!!! Its up to all of us! any other help is welcome i think but i also think we have the free will to choose how to experince our lifes and the lifes we want four our desendants and the planet!
    For a better Now and an even better “tomorrow!

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