Wiccan Rede

This is a video slide show of The Wiccan Rede …the rule governing Wiccan behavior. It permits Wiccans to engage in any carefully considered action, as long as it harms nobody, including themselves. The Rede is reinforced by the Threefold Law. This is the belief that any harm or good that a Wiccan does to someone else comes back to hurt or benefit them — magnified three times over.

25 thoughts on “Wiccan Rede

  1. @ CampStandByMeMrAdams are you speaking in the first person as if you were yahwa come on all we ask is not for you to chang your belifes but to let us believes our why do you come to us with covertion rather than letting us be

  2. Is this still going on my goodness its been almost a month, Christains shut up and go away and pagans shh there not worth it plain and simple. There tring to cause trouble

  3. Very true i wonder how many of you have watched the video. Our NO 1 rule
    harm none were not evil you just ive in the shadows in hate and lies

  4. ok lets see now…..modernmage1’s little life story on how i came to be about wicca:as a kid being forced into a church and listening to teachings of the bible…….pshhh one ear and out the other not intensionly i was young and

  5. Your damn right im angry!! Im p***ed off becuz people always bash me for being gay or becuz of my religion. Well im gonna speak my mind and say this. If your christian and no nothing of wicca. Read about it before you attack it!

  6. well then how do you explain me…im an atheist trying to help the viewers of this video to, well, view the video without religious fights…but everytime i try to stop the fighting, you always shove jesus’ cock down pplz throats, then me, or someone else, has to say f*** you, then you get p***ed…so who has more “light” now?

  7. Tweethang, you have right to be angry at the wrongs that have been done in my name here and other places. I have as much love for my children of the craft as I do for my children of the church, or my children who seek me in other ways. Your anger however does not aid your cause any more then Proverbs has aided her own cause. This is something that I would like you to learn and keep in mind, if since you seek to be an example of me to those you meet. Blessings unto you upon you my child.

  8. Proverbs, I love you, but may I ask you to please stop picking on my children and your brothers and sisters. I love them too. I see your intentions , and yet you help not me, the kingdom or yourself with what you do. What you have done to the least of these, you have done to me. Furthermore you slap your siblings and myself with your left hand, and raise you right ito devote this slap in my name. Make peace with your siblings and then seek me in some quite place and not this public area

  9. To all christians who bash our belifs. Before you comment on saying how evil wicca is. Watch the f***in screen and read about the wiccan laws first! You mother f***in ass holes!!

  10. @proverbs1722 You are as wicked as satan! You want only those to think like you and to believe what you want. We are free to worship what we choose you are the same as Hitler! He wanted only those to believe what he wanted. You are a sick Neo Nazi skinhead now go f*** off!

  11. Put my name on that this little piggy son of bitch is getting on my nerves now

  12. @proverbs1722 Go find other Christians of like-mind. They will share your pity upon those who do not seek Christ. The Bible may say that u must spread the word of the Christ, but unless u are learned enough that u have reached pure enlightenment & u know all that there is to learn of the Bible as much as a priest or Pope knows, then you have no word for others. In order to help others, you must help yourself. And if you’re some selfish brat that just wants to p*** us off, then sod off already…

  13. @proverbs1722 Otherwise, you are boasting, and that is being quite selfish and makes you look the idiot. No one will know God untill they meet God themselves. We have not asked for your ways. I truly don;t know your intentions, but we obviously can care less whether you think we’re gonna rot in Hell or not. You won’t change a whole community of thousands who don’t want to change themselves. I bid you. leave us alone because you’re not getting your point across, nor do we want you to

  14. Why would I wanna get into Heaven when I am not Christian?
    We are all made in the image of God; therefore God is also homosexual as well as heterosexual. And yet God is no gender at all, because God is no human, nor any creature upon this Earth. Therefore, God is nothing; and yet God is everything, for God is all creation. God has mended Hirself into all in existence.
    Do not speak for God, unless asked for. God can speak for Hirself; if there are those whom ask question, then answer

  15. @proverbs1722 I take that back I hope you don’t get shot. I hope however you will leave us alone. So stop attacking us. I have my petition started and your account will be suspended if you don’t leave us alone. I have a cousin who works for youtube. Try me!!

  16. let`s all ignore this “lady” and maybe she`ll go away or let`s all report her, they will cancel her account if everybody report her..peace and light

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