5 thoughts on “analysis for the poem ‘do not go gentle into that good night’ by Dylan Thomas?

  1. The main theme is to live and fight against death no matter what the odds. “Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” The “night” represents death and the “light” is a metaphor for life.

  2. the poem was written in 1951, and is about dylan thomas’ own father who was dying from a debilitating illness while dylan struggled to finish the poem.

    (thomas composed two poems about his dying father: this one and ‘too proud for death’. when thomas father died before ‘too proud for death’ was finished, thomas abandoned that poem).

    in the poem dylan says that we must accept death, but we must never allow our acceptance to hinder us from living. he lists ways in which the wise, the good, the wild (thomas seems to mean poets and other artists by this), and the grave (ie serious) all face death without being daunted by it. then he tells his father that he also must continue to fully live until his very last moment.

    the main theme of the poem is that while death is the end of all life we must never allow death to take the energy of life from us.

    in form the poem is a villanelle (almost certainly the most famous one in english). interestingly thomas will probably have found out about villanelle form mainly from hillaire belloc, who always used villanelles for light poetry.
    (though thomas’ first important experiment with villanelle form seems to have been ‘not your winged lust’ which is a parody of william empson’s ‘slowly the poison’ – a very serious poem written in villanelle form).

  3. You know you can find a recording of Dylan Thomas reading this poem. In fact, there’s probably at least one site that has it. You should listen to it. You should also decide for yourself what this poem means. And here’s a suggestion, you would be much better served reading the poems you are assigned aloud and having someone else read it for you aloud than asking god-knows-who to answer you question for you. That said, if you use Mr. Lengthy’s response here, there is a good chance you will get caught, and you will not be able to defend yourself. I’d be willing to make a bet to that effect. And you would only be gambling your academic career to find out that I am right.

    Think about it.

    Do well.

  4. I can’t help, becaue of copied work, but I will say that I do love this poet.

  5. ;-c Was I thinkin this was something that POE was said to have written/compose !?! or recite !??!. Oh`well I’ll bet I’d feel oDdLy!?! IF poetry meant anything at all to my intellect !?! I guess.,.“R”r,r`r.’- “Uh’.mMm ~!?!.“R”r.r`,

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