10 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra’s Introduction to Meditation – Part 1, 3

  1. Yeah I feel the same way..The other day After I came to and out of meditation..I was so happy..It was unexplainable…The Third Eye is awesome to..Scary at first even

  2. Meditation feels good, its one of my favorite thing to do (or may i say, be) I love how I feel when i meditate…. that ecstasy, blissful feeling i get is so alive, it makes me sooo grateful just to be alive.

  3. May be he did not want to stop smoking….may be!

    I never mentioned anything regarding supernatural!…then why this superficial assumption?

    Meditation overall leads to self-awareness….and there you find the purpose of taking birth as a human being…..and at the end of the day the purpose of every human becomes to free himself from the cycle of repeated birth and repeated death….

  4. Maybe he didn’t want to stop smoking? Maybe he liked smoking?

    Did Swami Vivekananda say that he wanted to quit smoking but couldn’t and that he thought meditating would get him to stop?

    Swami Vivekananda may have had a completely different agenda for his life that did not include ‘not smoking.’

    Regular meditation causes a general improvement in your mental and physical health. Regular meditation does not turn anyone into a supernatural being.

  5. Deepak,you have no right to take the name of Christ Jesus on you lips!
    This is all NWO AGENDA! PROPAGANDA! DESEPTION! You are on Satan’s “payroll” …..Don’t trust this man! His intentions are not what they seem!

  6. Swami Vivekananda used to do regular meditation…..and yet he was not able to get rid of his smoking habit…..why is that so?

  7. Great insight into addiction and meditation!

    I just wish Deepak would go deeper into the realizations of medition. These deeply spiritual benefits outweigh the more superficial benefits such as slowed aging.

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