16 thoughts on “Do you believe in soul mates and past lives?

  1. They say you can feel it, I believe in all of that, and heaven, etc. If it is happening to you than roll with it, I would love to feel that…

  2. I believe in soul mates, but I believe there’s more than just one. I think one of mine is Brandon Boyd of Incubus…lol. As for past lives, not sure about that one.

  3. I believe in soul mates.

    My husband and I truly believe we are each other soul mate. Just how certain things fall in place with each other.

  4. I believe in past lives and soul mates. I think with soul mates, it’s a connection you feel that’s different from any other. I’ve also had past life regressions where the person I feel like I know from a past live shows up in my visions. I can’t really explain it except that you just know you’ve known that person before.

  5. Yes!

    I drempt it with him. It was love at first sight, and one of the first nights we slept together- (I don’t even know if we’d had sex yet)- I drempt of our past lives. it was an AMAZING experience- a series of dreams that felt SO real. They were as detailed in the places as they were in a deep emotion.

    Suggested reading: “Many Lives, Many Masters” and then follow that one with “Only Love is Real”

  6. I never believed in “soul mates.” I’ve heard 3 couple say they’re “soul mates,” and one of them cheated on the other in all 3 relationships. Not what I call soul mate. With that said. Me and my wife always wonder if we knew each other in a past life. Or I wonder if it was fate that we met. She is LITERALLY the female version of me. So I’d say yes to fate, and I can believe in the past lives. I think I just hate the way people want to define themselves as “soul mates.”

  7. I believe in soul mates but not in passed lives. You know you have your soulmate when your happines comes from making them happy, and their happines comes from making you happy.

  8. I do believe in that special someone that you can truely click with. But I think there is not just one soul mate out there for one person but a couple. If you could find just one of those and you have been blessed.

  9. I met my soul mate at 18. If I go into the details, it will sound bad because we are now both married to wonderful people. But to this day, twenty years later, we still have that connection. We would never be dishonest to our spouses, but it’s something neither of us have ever shared with anyone else. We have talked about it and both know that it’s something we never found with anyone else. It really isn’t anything that is explainable, it just is. It is just there. It may be something that can be found again, maybe not. I only found it once in my life. As for past lives, I don’t know how it all works. It would be cool if we did have past lives together though.

  10. Yes, I do believe in soul mates, but I don’t believe you always end up with them. Sometimes circumstances change our lives and we lose our soul mates.

  11. Its very hard to say in this 21st century,, Lol

    Its all good in movies,, I dont belive in it coz i got tired of waiting for the one,, so its not ture,,, for me at al!!!

  12. Yes.
    I am close to 100% sure I have identified the man I was married to in a past life. When he noticed me I knew someone was wishing I were his…….when I saw him, I knew he was the one I felt twice admiring me and wishing for me. Something about his heritage resonates with me and I have always felt uncomfortable being of fair complexion. I think I was of Mediterranean decent-but this detail I am not as certain of.
    My past life husband and lie together in the same burial vessel in that region as was the custom. I am pretty sure that an ethical and competent psychic would verify for me what I intuitively know.
    I have always felt that we belong together somehow…..though he is 10 years younger, and has a lot going for him while I have a child, am in an abusive relationship, am overweight and could have done much better in life-he still cares for me and wants me to leave my situation to be with him.

  13. I believe that everyone has great loves in your life, but one “True love”, I don’t know. Sometimes I do, other times I don’t. I believe there are some people that you are better suited for, and when you marry , then they are are your true love.
    I am a Christian, so as for the past lives, no. It’s a romantic idea, but I don’t believe in it.

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