Do you believe that Indigo Children really exist?

I just learned about indigo (and crystal) children. Do they really exist? If so, what does this mean for humanity? If you think you might be one, how can you know for certain? I find this topic very interesting and want to know what you think about all of this.

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  1. I don’t think they exist. Who made them up? Was it someone you know and trust?

  2. I’m sure I’ll get thumbs down for this, but no, I don’t believe Indigo children exist. I think it’s just a way for parents to excuse the fact they don’t try to discipline their children.

  3. I have never heard about Crystal children, but I believe Indigo children exist. I think both my sons are.. They and others are called “old souls.” No glory to me– I just tried to nurture them along… At five, my youngest son could tell us what freeways to take to get to Daddy’s work… Isn’t that neat??

  4. jesus loves the little children all the children of the world
    yeah it even says in the song

  5. Yes they do exist. Its been scientifically proven, I watched a whole show on it today. It means nothing bad for humanity either. They have extreme sensitivites to people, feelings, and the life of things around them. Their psychic abilities are used to help people. Its not like psychic people use their abilities to hurt others – a lot of them, specifically indigo and crystal children, use their powers for counseling on a psychological level. Crystal children have very large eyes and amazing sensitivities to people and feelings of those alive and those who have passed. Indigo children are just as sensitive and are said to pick their parents before theyre born. They have a very special connection with their parents while theyre still inside their mother. They are both very honest and tell it like it is and the Indigo children are said to be old souls. They lived before and are very wise. Trust me, theyre real. If you wanna know if you are one, you could get tested but I’m sure you’d have heard about these things before if you were one of these.

  6. no i don’t because i have never believed in the fact of people reading minds i just don’t think it is possible but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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  7. Were you playing The Indigo Prophecy (or as it was in the UK Fahrenheit)?? It’s a great PC game…

  8. I find this a very interesting topic as well. I do believe they exist and have wondered if my son is indigo. There does not seem to be much information online. My son fits the profile to a T, but he is also highly gift (99th percentile). The characteristics are almost identical for the highly gifted and indigo. You may want to have your iq tested if you feel you are indigo.

    Purported characteristics of Indigo children include:

    They are often labeled with the psychiatric diagnoses of Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and also Autism.
    They are highly sensitive, both emotionally and physically, and most suffer from a low self-esteem.
    Many have nervous system problems such as excessive anxiety, which is claimed to be linked to their higher vibrational frequency, and are also prone to depression
    They often suffer from sleeping problems, such as insomnia, frequent nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis
    They are very empathic, and can easily detect or are in tune with the thoughts of others
    They have great intuitive power
    They often have an insatiable curiosity, and love to ask questions as well as questioning everything around them
    They are naturally drawn to matters concerning mysteries, spirituality, the paranormal and the occult.
    They oppose unquestioned authority and have a proclivity for generating their own solutions to problems and holding to explanations which are usually contradictory to convention
    They become anti-social when not around other Indigo Children
    They act and feel as with a strong sense of entitlement
    They have a clear sense of self-definition and in knowing who they are
    Most of them feel the need to make a significant difference in the world, and they believe or are fully aware of having a special or high purpose in life

  9. I definitely believe it. I think my 1st child is an indigo child,but he’s 26. I also believe in the crystal children.Just watched a special on t.v. today about them again.I believe there are so many children that are stifled in their true gifts because of the labels this modern scientific community has put on them.For example: I used to work w/ children labeled as ADD orADHD. I think that some of these children were/are truely gifted not handicapped.I think wer are losing a valuable resource in medicating these gifted children.I myself am an Empath,believe me I can’t stand crowds & sometimes the feelings of others can make me sick.I get so overwhelmed.Doreen Virtue P.H.D. seems to know a lot on this subject & I’m a true fan of hers.I don’t know if she has a web site,but you could do a search for her or this topic.

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