How do I know when I achieved an astral projection?

I have many lucid dreams, but I want to know if I achieved an astral projection. Those lucid dreams seem so unreal, but I don’t know what an astral projection is like. Can you help me?

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  1. I have heard some experts argue that astral projection is the same as lucid dreaming, but from personal experience I would say that they are similar, but not exactly the same. Astral projection requires your conscious mind to take control, otherwise you slip into a fantasy land like dreamworld, that is a lucid dream. They both take place in the astral realm, except in astral projections you simply have more control and awareness. It’s much to hard for me to explain the difference, i hope someone else can put it into understandable words.

  2. Have someone write a random number on a blackboard or something similar. Then have them tell you where they wrote the number. (It could be right in your house.) Do not let them tell you the number.
    Then go astrally and look at the number. If you can honestly reveal that number. You’ve done it,astral projected. If not,you’re only dreaming

  3. Other answerers have already given good answers.

    You might benefit by reading NASA engineer Albert Taylor’s “Soul Traveler,” which gives the ways and means he proved he was soul traveling, not simply directing his imagery.

    “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, makes the significant point that there are distinct levels within the astral or emotional plane. “The Masters and Their Retreats,” Mark Prophet, gives soul travel experiences in the heavenly or etheric plane.

    “The Master of Lucid Dreams,” Dr. Olga Kharitidi, is also worthwhile.

    Reviews at

  4. This has been a debate in the past.

    I think, from personal experience, that the debate is baseless.

    The difference for me is that an OOBE is real….its like asking if a shadow of a box is the same as a box.

    You will be able to tell the difference simply by living the experience. When I have an OOBE I am completely aware of what is going on. My mind is awake and my body is asleep.

    Try this, when you are having your lucid dream, think about going back to your body. Say to yourself in the dream “I do not want to be here, please take me back to my body”. If you remain in where you are then you are dreaming, if you sit up in bed that you may have had an unconscious OOBE (even though I truly believe you will easily be able to tell the difference.)

  5. You’ll know. If you aren’t used to it you’ll probably be really uncomfortable at first. For one you will technically be asleep but you can see and can’t move so it can be frustrating if you can’t detach yourself fast enough. Sometimes if you are really slow you won’t be able to breath

  6. It will seem like real life, but different.
    A good way to test is to jump or pull your finger.

    If you jump, you will float
    If you pull your finger, it will stretch…… and no, there is no astral gas lol.

  7. There perhaps are more stages than most people thing about astral travel and astral projection.
    Sometime if we are just starting to experience it, we think it was a dream. There’s a very good chance that it wasn’t a dream at all.
    Astral travel occurs when the spirit leaves the body during sleep or very deep meditation and takes excursions on it’s own. And astral projection is when you project out of your body, but not traveling anywhere. Usually you will be aware of what has happen, kinda like a dream.

  8. Have you felt like you were just falling when you wake up? That usually means you were out there.
    Usually whenever I AP I start off getting the strong sensation like some sort of bubble is coming out of my face through my sinuses, but then when I focus more on it, the more it comes out and I achieve it. Your body naturally Astral Projects when you day dream, sleep, even when you’re just resting your eyes, you just need to be able to transfer your consciousness into that energy you push out and when you do that (pretty much see the world like you normally would but as that energy being you created) you should be able to move about.

    A good way to start is try meditating, focus on your toe, see the world through the toe, see the toe how the world sees it, then visualize how your toe is made up. From bone to skin/clothing, work your way up, it helps you know your body and your energy can travel through it easier.

    After you worked with the toe you move onto the next toe (it’ll be a lot quicker in each one) then work your way up to the skull, you don’t need to know EXACTLY where the liver is and what color the gall bladder is, just a basic knowledge of your body and when you’re done with the skull and worked your way to hair and skin (with every tooth, tounge, nose hairs and eyeballs). This can open passageways for your energy so your focus can guide it better.

    It all comes from the Epicenter (the core center of your body where most of your life energy is stored). A good way to practice transferring energy from one part to another is visualize your energy like something you relate with the most (with me it’s water, a buddy of mine sees it like snakes, another like lightning and another sees it like fire) and as if you have a super power, hold it in your hand, have it float above your hand and visualize it moving around your body in an orbit.

    This will give you more control on your energy then you can give yourself more training exercises to test it further, like focusing more concentrated energy in a small piece, you can try to see the world from it with your mind’s eye (basically visualizing) then split it, play with it further.

    For me, it’s easier if I fill my body up with the energy like a human shaped bottle being filled with water. Then I just try to have that energy stand up and look around, if it works, then I take off and fly with my soul mate.

    Subconsciously (without your consent) your body will form a being inside you, mine is Benthos, who is a giant snapping turtle, why? Because I’m obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and in the back of my mind I had most respect for snapping turtles. It was only natural that would take form. I didn’t name him though, lol.

    It all comes naturally, don’t rush it or you’ll be sitting around waiting for improvements and becoming disappointed.

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