Indigo Adults

We know that the “children of the blue ray” have an inherent attraction toward one another.  This is a physical phenomenon having to do with their very large and expansive bio-electromagnetic-photic field that surrounds these individuals.  A Blue Ray (Indigo) individual has a field that is easily measured with dowsing rods beginning anywhere from 6 to 54 feet off of the physical body.  When they are anywhere near others of their same kind, they sense a bounding energetic resonance with the other being as their fields interact.  They gaze into the other’s eyes and somehow recognize the  essence of themselves looking back.  The sense of family, safety and trust is profound and palpable.  There is no need for a “get to know” period.  They have known each other for millennia and the usual niceties of societal ritual are unnecessary. At first their perception of the bio-electromagnetic-photic fields blending with the others’ is that of a sexual attraction.  That feeling is the template on which these sensations are usually placed because these sensations have likely only been experienced in that context before.  But this is different.  If the person feeling this is straight and the other person is of the same sex, this can cause confusion.  If the other person happens to be an Indigo child, one might feel as though they are experiencing pedophilic tendencies.

By the mid 40’s, most yet still unaware “Blue Ray” beings (Indigos) can count on one hand the number of times they might have had this sort of chance encounter with another Indigo being. Having similar strange and misunderstood feelings by this age is common for them and they have learned to discount these experiences.  As the adult Indigo moves closer to understanding who and what they are, if they are in a relationship with a non-Indigo, that relationship will usually experience severe strain as the Indigo partner is drawn to different people and information that will further assist in their awakening process.  The intensity of this non-sexual intimacy that is shared between two Indigos far surpasses anything the act of physical sex can provide.  This is difficult to explain and defend to a non-Indigo who can perceive but misinterpret this unusual attraction their partner might be experiencing with someone else.

If two Indigos are lucky enough to have found each other, their bond will be like no other they have experienced in this dimension thus far.  It is as if one completes the others’ circuitry.  Their energetic systems merge; they experience telepathic communication constantly and consistently.  Once they learn to trust one another and lay down their armor, shields and spears that they have relied on to survive in this reality, they can reach a level of confidence where simple agreements become vows. This is what they have been longing for throughout.  To finally find another who will treat them with the same level of honesty and integrity that they have insisted on from themselves and demonstrated to others throughout. A sense of coming home for the very first time deeply resonates with these friends/couples.  Indigo adults are becoming more common, those who have awoken to their unique identity are still rare.  The world is changing before our eyes and the ever increasing vibration that is moving this process forward is fueling the awakening process.  Study the Indigo traits and characteristics that are more commonly assigned to the children.  Turn the mirror on yourself and other adults whom you might already be suspicious.  Once you become more inherently familiar with those of this persuasion, you will be able to identify them immediately, even if they don’t have a clue themselves what you are talking about.  Expose them to the list of Indigo traits and characteristics, questionnaires, learn to measure their bio-electromagnetic-photic field with dowsing rods and bring them to places such as ley lines and vortexes where their cable-ready energetic systems can come alive and verify your suspicions while undeniably validating them.  We need all hands on deck for what lays a head.  It is time to wake up the masses that still lie dormant in their slumber.

Janine Talty, D.O., M.P.H.

Janine Talty, D.O., M.P.H. Is board certified in Family Medicine by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. She specializes in clinical biomechanics, orthopedic medicine, and Osteopathic manipulative medicine. She is the medical director of the Wellness and Rehabilitation Center in Watsonville California and is an assistant clinical professor in the department of Manual Medicine at Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in East Lansing Michigan.
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