Meditation For Stress Relief

Meditation can be practiced by anyone for stress relief. It is possible for a person to improve the quality of their life by adding regular sessions of meditation to their schedule. Meditation will help to reduce overall stress by adding a measure of calm and peacefulness into the daily life.

When someone is in a stressful situation, their body goes into a fight or flight mode. This automatic stress response brings on an adrenaline rush, quickens the heart rate, tenses muscle and makes breathing shallow. If a person is in actual physical trouble, this automatic stress response helps that person react quickly.

When a person is frequently in a stress mode on a daily basis, this takes a toll on the body and the mind. Stress related illnesses and conditions include heart disease, high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, poor immune response, sleep problems and chronic fatigue. Chronic stress may also trigger psychological conditions such as anxiety attacks, psychological distress, eating disorders, depression and mood swings. Doctors are linking stress with many diseases.

The stress of modern life comes not from being attacked by a large predator where the automatic stress response could come in handy, it comes from daily frustrations over events that do not usually require a flight or fight response. Instead, a person may be frustrated while sitting at a slow computer or over the children who are fighting over the television, where the adrenaline rush and speedy heart rate do more harm than good. When this type of stress happens on a daily basis, it is considered chronic stress.

Meditation activates a relaxation response. The relaxation response reverses the effects of the automatic stress response. Meditation will cause the heart rate to slow down, blood pressure to stabilize and the muscles to relax. The breathing will slow down and deepen.

Meditation is not the same as lying on the couch and relaxing. Meditation is a technique to helps people to relax when they are awake. Meditation is a focused technique for quieting the mind and body. As a person practices meditation, it becomes easier to reach that peaceful and relaxed state of mind. The state of meditation becomes deeper as a person practices it.

Deeper meditation has greater benefits. Deep meditation will trigger more of the potent alpha wave activity in the brain. This alpha wave activity produces a tranquil state of mind and body. The alpha wave state is soothing to a person and when it occurs, the person is in a deeply relaxed state and has a feeling of well being.

Many benefits result from regular meditation. Self confidence, energy levels and productivity all receive a boost from meditation. Health will improve or stabilize because stress levels go down which will reduce stress related conditions and illnesses. A person’s mood can improve when anxiety levels are reduced because stress is no longer a chronic condition. Many people report that they have better memories and concentration with regular meditation.

Meditation is simple to do and does not require any special equipment. Meditation can be done anywhere, even in a car or at the office. All the person needs is a quiet space where he or she will not be disturbed for ten minutes to up to a half hour or more. Even a short session of meditation is better than no meditation at all.

Learn how to relieve your stress through various meditation techniques.

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