What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Chiropractic Relief of Neck Pain

How neck adjustments are performed at the chiropractor in this free alternative medicine video. Expert: Brian Renner Bio: Brian Renner graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa. He is currently practicing in Fontana, California at the Southridge Chiropractic Center. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

25 thoughts on “What Does a Chiropractor Do? : Chiropractic Relief of Neck Pain

  1. @AthleticsJunkie dude chiroquacks have got it all covered, they can even raise the dead..after taking worthless xrays and selling a package of quackery Pseudoscience

  2. @AthleticsJunkie i dont think chiro’s (at least where i’m going to school) are trained to deliver babies, i would send them to the hospital for that … also, delivering a baby outside of that hospital scene could be very dangerous, during childbirth a lot of things can go wrong. and MOST disorders of the body, have some relation to your nervous system. if you make that work fine, the problems should fix themselves.

  3. @DrTakker I am just curious. Is it true that chiropractors claim to treat 10 systems including visceral disorders, autism, hearing, etc. vs PT’s who can perform the same spinal manipulations but only claim to treat 3 systems; nerves, muscles, and bones. Also how do you train to deliver babies in school? I am aware that it is in the chiropractic practice act in some states including Illinois to deliver babies. Thanks.

  4. As a chiropractor, let me say that most people that come and see me are referrals from other HAPPY patients. We look at addressing the CAUSE of that pain rather than just masking symptoms. Osprey makes some good points. Many of us just focus on getting the spine working better mechanically without making “outrageous” claims. Like any profession, we have a need for improvement. But it’s not fraud or quackery or whatever.

  5. With all due respect osprey, you impuning an entire profession as quackery is just as unenlightened as the business-minded chiros who claim to cure anything that you despise. As with anything, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And there are millions of happy patients who know that first hand.

  6. Hi, really nice video. May I ask how long did you spend putting it together? I am wanting to do something like this for one of my dyslexia clients in video marketing.


  7. dj: There is a vast difference between advocating on behalf of a healthy lifestyle, and making outrageous claims of curing people through spinal manipulation to reduce “subluxations”, on the other. I suggest that you provide the supporting high quaiity research published in peer-reviewed journals, that supports any claims made by chiros, otherwise retract the fraudulent claims. Anything less is dishonest to the public. You talk like a Scientologist or other cult follower.

  8. Questions to ask oneself? What is available to people if they want a natural approach to HEALTH care? Who does the Medical profession support more the drug companies or the patient? How is it that Chiropractic has survived the constant attacks made by Medicine and compete with the research funded by a billion dollar (drug) industry if it doesn´t have some form of effectiveness? Is Chiropractic for me? Chiropractic only supports your goals if you are in alignment with its principle!

  9. interesting, do they strictly practice chiro. now or do they maintain practices with chiro incorporated into them?

  10. Chiro: For the construct “subluxation” there’s no evidence that it exists or that “doing something about it” has an effect. The burden of proof falls on chiros show that the subluxation can be objectively demonstrated, that it does cause interference with the nervous system, and that it does cause disease. They have failed to do so for 115 years.

  11. #2 Guardian, online: The statement, supported by just 29 citations, was ripped apart by bloggers within 24 hours of publication, before being subjected to a further shredding in the British Medical Journal. It emerged that 10 of the papers cited had nothing to do with chiropractic treatment, and several weren’t even studies. The remainder consisted of a small collection of poor-quality trials.

  12. Guardian, online: Further criticism has been focused on the BCA’s presentation of supporting data, in particular its claim that a “plethora” of evidence backs the effectiveness of chiropractic in treating various childhood illnesses. Last year, facing demands that the BCA engage in scientific debate over its position, the association released its “plethora” to the public. Cont on #2.

  13. Direct quote form the Guardian online: A staggering one in four chiropractors in Britain are now under investigation for allegedly making misleading claims in advertisements, according to figures from the General Chiropractic Council.

  14. chiro: I just noticed that this “article” that you sent, yet cannot be found, is only 3 pages long!! Are you insane to send, as your sole piece of solid evidence, an article (despite the fact that it miraculously cannot be found) that is 3 pages long?? Do you have a CLUE at all about health science and how to actually engage in the scientific literature? Does your profession have any sense of what “evidence-based practice” refers to? You are getting funnier each time I read your gibberish!

  15. chiro: This study that you offered does not exist in a searchable format (i.e. cannot verify anything from it or even if it exists). Can you not rise to the same level as educated people in health science, you know, those of us who actually are involved in research? You are a clown who makes a laughing stock of any profession with this demonstration. Along with your penchant for profanities, you are a real poster boy for the chiro community.

  16. Chiro: Just ran a quick search on Medline, CINAHL, even Google scholar, Web of Science, all through the university I am affiliated with, NOTHING. You are pathetic pal, sending out more propagnada. When you are engaged in a health science matter and asked to provide evidence, it is expected that you actually have a clue what you are talking about and certainly understand what “peer-reviewed” means. You obviously have no clue at all and are simply some under-educated turd trying to spread lies.

  17. chiro: Before I dip into a read, let me ask you, of all the articles, of all the years, why, when asked to provide evidence for the effectiveness of any aspect of chiro, why could you not find anything more recent? Only one study? Either you have no clue how to actually do a searth of health-related databases, or there is nothing much out there that proves the efficacy of chir, or both. But, now, let me see what Van Breda has to say.

  18. ospreyforthesun, Van Breda W.M. 1989. “A comparison study of the health status of children raised under the health care models of chiropractic and allopathic medicine”. Journal of Chiropractic Research, 101-103, Summer. Did I tell you my friend that I would never let you down? Chiropractic and children…It’s naturally good.

  19. chiro: How about you just get digging up those articles that substantiate your whacked out claims. I look forward to reading this 1989 study that you keep referring to. Why is it, that with all the research that we hope must have been done in chiro since then, that you can only refer to one study, done 20 years ago?? Is it because you know nothing about research methodology (or science), and you really don’t have a clue what would begin to qualify as high quality research?? QUACKERY!!

  20. chiro: Claims don’t cut the mustard. You can say that you heal lepars, but until you show the evidence, then you are blowing smoke. The only thing you seem savvy on is the use of profanities. How about just providing the evidence? Which study from 1989, written by whom, entitled what, in which journal? I will even read the article and see how the methodology cooks and let you know what I think. How does that sound, “doctor”?

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