Your Guide to Understanding Homeopathy – the Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People & Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy

Inspired by Coretta Scott-King, who chose to be treated with homeopathic medicine before her death, Dana Ullman, MPH was driven to research how many famous people and notable figures have pursued homeopathy as an alternative to conventional medicine. As the practical “gateway” to understanding the phenomenal history and influences of present day homeopathy, Ullman’s The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People & Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy reveals the many aspects surrounding the origin and impact this wisdom medicine has made on an international level.

On reviewing Ullman’s book, one can clearly see the passion and knowledge driving America’s leading advocate for homeopathic medicine. For the open-minded and skeptics alike; the book invites all walks of life to discover the hidden secrets of homeopathy. For example, did you know that England’s Royal Family subscribes to homeopathic treatment? “Much like the tradition as the passing of the crown, they have been under homeopathic care since the 1830s,” says Ullman.

While it’s evident that homeopathy is widely accepted in Europe, there has been resistance to the field among the medical community in the United States. “There are several reasons for this. First, there is a ‘this for that’ medical thinking, where there is an assumption that there is ONE medicine or herb for everyone with the same disease. Homeopaths are too scientifically-minded to make this simplistic assumption. We believe that one person’s migraine is different from another’s. Further, we do not believe that any disease is local to one part of the body. Arthritis is not in the joints, heart disease is not limited to the heart, etc.,” he says. “This is not the way nature works. We treat syndromes, the complex of symptoms in which the disease is just a part and not disease. Also, we live in America where there’s a medical machismo, where increasingly stronger and more powerful drugs are used but they also have more side effects – and short-term benefits. There’s a good reason why conventional medicine changes decade to decade — it seems to provide a therapeutic effect that is more seductive (and short-term) than really curative, with some obvious exceptions.”

In his book, Ullman discusses famous celebrities and influential leaders, past and present, who have utilized homeopathic medicine, including Tina Turner, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cher, Emily Dickinson, Pamela Anderson, several American presidents, Mother Teresa, a number of Popes, and countless others.

“We have much of what we know from people like Tina Turner,” says Ullman, who credits homeopathy with curing her tuberculosis. “The reason homeopathy became popular in Europe and America is the spectacular results for treating cholera, typhoid, pneumonia, infectious diseases – our results are stellar,” he says. “Our methods are smarter and more effective at strengthening the immune system, and preventing infections, therein.”

During the early 1900s, several major corporations like General Motors (GM), General Electric (GE) and Montgomery Ward actually provided onsite homeopathic clinics for employees. “These were not just some new age people — they were very practically-minded corporate leaders,” says Ullman.

While principles of homeopathy have been around for hundreds of years, Ullman explains that the system of homeopathy wasn’t developed until Samuel Hahnemann, MD came into the picture during the early 1800s. Within the pages of Ullman’s book, one will discover that the only physician to have a monument dedicated to him in the Nation’s Capitol, (Washington, D.C.) is none other than Hahnemann.

For prospective students interested in pursuing a homeopathic career, this should be the first book interested individuals should study. With a forward written by Dr. Peter Fisher, physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People & Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy will certainly prove to be required reading for any intellectual literary and homeopathic medicine collection.

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