By popular demand! I’ve decided to put together a video on basic tips on the best way to induce an astral projection experience. I also give a little information for first timers on what to expect.


  1. Love this video. I have been using somewhat the same method for over a decade now. The only difference is when doing the deep breathing, it is excelerated, and at the point where the breath stops on its’ own, the OBE in most cases begins.

  2. @Inphinitii Lucid dreams are not exactly the same as astral projection but they are simular in that they produce shifts in consciousness. Go to my channel and look for the video entitled; “LUCID DREAMS VS. ASTRAL PROJECTION (OBE), WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?” I provide a little more detail on the question you ask.

  3. @Bechet2012

    Sorry for my ignorance, but I thought that AP was the same as Lucid Dreaming, what are the differences?
    I first got into this by watching the movie Waking Life, which made me want to pursue the idea of controlling my dreams. Are there any tips you can give that could help me in learning how to Lucid Dream? I’ve tried before but I barely dream as it is (As far as I can remember). I have to pick up a dream journal for this reason.

    Thanks , and thanks in advance :]

  4. @Inphinitii if i could suggest something thats helped me when i first was getting into AP. Learn how to lucid dream that way you can get an idea of how to control your surroundings while your dreaming. One of the hardest things i had to overcome with lucid dreaming was realising I was sleeping and not awake.

  5. @Inphinitii I will be providing tips and leads to people with all kinds of techniques on astral projection and obe’s, so stay tuned!

  6. @xflamingxsoulx Astral projection and obe is more than a lucid dream because you are fully aware that you are separated from the physical vessel. However, if one where to become too excited, fearful or full of anxiety; this could cause you to stop the amazing experience!

  7. is this like lucid dreaming, where you get over excided during the obe and u wake up

  8. @Boudiicca
    Aha, thank you for the compliment.

    I tried it last night but was unable to fall asleep because I was too uncomfortable.
    Maybe if I tried it in a different chair I’d achieve better results. Mind you, I’m a complete beginner who’s just now started to dive into this whole concept of Lucid dreaming and OBE’s.

    If you have any tips, I’d appreciate them.

  9. @Bechet2012 Thank you for sharing your story my friend… I have gotten many email testimonies like yours… People who have tried DMT, Salvia, Shrooms, etc., have all stated that these herbs and plants had confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that our true consciousness is FAR more than meets the eye!

  10. Ive only done AP once and it was on a large dose of DXM (a highly disassociative drug) which I do not reccommend trying. I was in my friends apt sitting on his couch when it finally kicked in. It felt like i was rolling or on a rollercoaster right before i popped out of my body. I could actually look around in a 360ΒΊ view and I could see myself sitting on the couch which was something I will never forget.

  11. @Inphinitii cool πŸ™‚ If this doesn’t work for you I have more tips…msg me if you want!

    I like your name…I have an infinity symbol tattooed on my wrist πŸ™‚

  12. My tip for beginners.Wait till u r very tired and sit up in a comfy armchair.Arms by your side and head positioned in such a way that it flops down when you fall asleep(do not do this often or if you have any neck/joint problems).This is the best position to induce an OBE as your mind stays in the zone between sleep and waking.You fall asleep,then when your head flops you will partially wake up.This keeps you in what I call “the take off zone”….making it easier to exit your body.Try it out πŸ™‚

  13. Also, it seems to always happen when I accidently nod off on the couch. And it’s been happening frequently over the last year. I seem to be good at getting out of my body…but not good at staying out as fear takes over. I’d love to hear other peoples experiences….so I don’t feel so alone. If they are too long to post me πŸ™‚

  14. Interesting video.I used to get “trapped inside my body”…but now I just step out of it effortlessly without trying.I still have problems with it though.I still get scared and want to return to my body and often spend the whole time trying to wake up or trying to get my astral body to force open the eyes on my actual body (which doesn’t work of course and is very frustrating).Any tips you have to ward off the fear associated with these experiences would be much appreciated πŸ™‚

  15. @arc1342
    u can call on your guardian and he/she will help u, or build
    your chakra with sum breathing techniques u can also use a
    mudras to build up your chakra. just google it
    happy travels

  16. u can call on your guardian and he/she will help u, or build
    your chakra with sum breathing techniques u can also use a
    mudras to build up your chakra. just google it

    happy travels

  17. @AstralBooBaby
    i do meditate daily…and all the rest but i cant make it…i do have obe but not when i want to…i have talked to one of the aliens you show in another video of yours XD

  18. @arc1342 Hello friend… I sounds like you are not centered… Are you meditating daily to bring everything into balance and focus? If not, I highly recommend that you start there. Also, always say this before you attempt to astral project or even meditate for that matter “higher self, please come forward to guide and protect me”

  19. Wow everything you gave as tips could not be any more accurate with what happens to me quite often when i go to sleep at night. This has been happening to me for about 2 years started when i was 21.

    the first few times were horrifying but after wanted to not be scared and just let myself experience it, this turned out to be the most indescribable experience ive had

  20. Oh but I have managed to wake myself up in my dreams a few times…i know this is different from astral projection but I have heard of some people going from lucid dreaming and then waking their mind to go in to astral projection but it takes a lot of work…have you heard this??

  21. I tried this years ago and got to the point where I could feel vibrations, felt really warm and my body felt heavy and I also heard a sound like a train…however I heard something say my name and it freaked me out that I have not been able to get to that point again even though I looked it up and it actually wasn’t a big deal…just wondering though when you are at that point is it common to get a headache? Because that always seems to happen to me…

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