Can I bring chinese herbal medicine (pills in bottles) into US?

The medicine is a health supplemental in the form of pills, not herbal plants. It is a popular OTC in China. Since I don’t go to China often, I plan to bring back 50 bottles but would like to know if it’s ok with the US custom.

2 thoughts on “Can I bring chinese herbal medicine (pills in bottles) into US?

  1. More often than not, you can get away with putting things in your suitcase without having to declare every single item.

    If it’s above a certain value, you might have to declare it, which could then incur taxes.

    Either way they won’t restrict you from bringing it home.

    I was able to bring a large supply of Paracetamol home from England.

  2. If it’s in a pill form, you don’t have to worry about it being considered food or plant by custom’s definition. As long as it doesn’t require a prescription, you can certainly take it into the U.S. just like you can bring supplements with you to other countries on the same token (which I’ve talked to many people who do that). As long as you’re already flying there, it’s cheaper than shipping them. 😉 The only real concern would be if they have a high enough declared value that customs may have taxes, especially if you intend on selling them… but that would depend on the restrictions they have on the quantity. If it’s for your family’s use, you could probably get them to not charge you, but I’m not sure of the limitations before they consider it selling.

    Generally, it’s better to put it in your suitcase so you don’t have to worry about the X-Ray or storing so many bottles in your carry-on, but make sure that the bottles are protected if you do. For example, don’t store them in glass bottles if you can help it… but if you must, make sure they are in some sort of protective packaging and separated enough so they don’t break.

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