Emily Dickinson: The Poet In Her Bedroom

“The Poet in Her Bedroom,” a 32-minute program, is the first volume of the television series “Angles of a Landscape: Perspectives on Emily Dickinson,” which explores little-known aspects of Dickinson’s life and work. Now widely assigned to the first rank of American poets, Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) was unknown and mostly unpublished in her lifetime. Since her death well over a century ago, nearly 1800 of her lyric poems have been discovered, published, and translated into dozens of languages. The poet never married and eventually confined herself to her father’s house and grounds. Nonetheless Dickinson lived a rich and immensely productive creative life.

15 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson: The Poet In Her Bedroom

  1. i think the rest of the video should be posted…culture must be free and available for everyone!

  2. Messmarizing !! juz cant go out of tune while listening 2this album,,,,, its damn awesum,,, dowloaded the entire album for free at DownloadMusic/./im , remove the slashes..

  3. Lovely! It’s clear that every woman writer needs a room of her own with a door she can close.

  4. Lovely video! It’s clear that every woman writer must have a room of her own with a door that closes.

  5. you’ve only left me with a taste and wanting more! wonderful production and excellent script! my 6th grade students enjoyed the video. kudos!

  6. What a great glimpse into the life of Emily Dickinson. I’d love to be able to see more.

  7. Ernie Urvater’s and Tery Allen’s thoughtful meditation on the life and work of one of the greatest minds of the 19th Century is seductively hypnotic while being inspiring and educational. I highly recommend experiencing the whole production.

  8. Ernie

    an intriguing beginning – post the rest! It looks fascinating


  9. Very interesting and intriguing. It certainly gives one an appetite for viewing the entire program.

    Mort Tiersten

  10. Very interesting and intriguing. It certainly givesone an appetitite for viewing the entire program.

    Mort Tiersten

  11. I wouldn’t expect anything less than perfection from a production by Ernie Urvater! And I see from this glimpse of “The Poet in her Bedroom” that I won’t be disappointed. I’ve followed Ernie Urvater’s video productions for over 20 years and continue to enjoy whatever emerges from his talent.

  12. A must for those who live in and around Amherst, a beautifully crafted depiction of the Belle of Amherst and her home. For those who have visited or plan to visit the poet’s bedroom, this is a must have keepsake!
    Ellen Evert Hopman
    author of Priestess of the Forest; A Druid Journey and other volumes…

  13. Thank you, Ernie,

    A wonderful tribute to one of Amherst’s treasures. You have done your usual excellent job in producing it.

    Dick Stein

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