How do I create a progressive astrology chart?

I have looked online but can only find sites that offer natal astrology charts. How is a progressive chart different from a natal chart? I am curious how to create a progressive chart. Thanks.

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  1. Right off the bat… it’s technically called secondary progressions…
    If you want to create one, go to, register for free, and enter your birth data…

    When you get to the choice for type of chart… a page with the words “Please select your horoscope here” pick “Extended Chart Selection.”

    Once you get to the next page, click the drop down menu entitled “Please select the type of chart you want.:” and pick natal & progressed chart.

    And there you go.

    Do you know what secondary progressed charts are used for?

  2. Its pretty simple. Go to Go into the free horoscope section. Chose extended chart selection. There is a drop down menu where natal chart is chosen, just click on it to find progressed. You may have to enter your birth data first if you dont already have an account.

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