THE MECHANISM: How Homeopathy Works

For the first time in world history John Benneth defines the amazing mechanism of homeopathy, the actual physical nanostructures within homeopathic solutions that emit the electro-magnetic signals which give homeopathic medicine its power. For more information go to: Bill Gray, MD The Structure of Water, from Homeopathy, Myth or Science? Montaignier: Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures Derived from Bacterial DNA Sequences Elia: The Memory of Water: an almost deciphered enigma. Dissipative structures in extremely dilute aqueous solutions. The Structure Of Liquid Water; Novel Insights From Materials Research; Potential Relevance To Homeopathy Rustum Roy, WA Tiller, Iris Bell, MR Hoover Materials Research Innovations 9:4, 577-608, (2005) 1994 Ultra High Dilutions Physiology and Physics PC Endler and J. Schulte Presenting data on ultra high dilution (UHD) from physiological laboratories, this study evaluates physical theories, examines biochemical aspects, appraises the medical and historical context of current research and looks at future research prospects. SMALL WATER CLUSTERS (CLATHRATES) IN THE PREPARATION PROCESS OF HOMEOPATHY GS Anagnostatos 1998 High dilution effects on cells and integrated systems By P. Marotta, C. Taddei-Ferretti, Istituto italiano per gli studi filosofici On the Structure of High Dilutions

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  1. @ArcanaKnight-cont- So who am I supposed to believe? Statements of denial and defamation made as commentary on a Youtube video by some anonymous troll quoting a magician with an axe to grind, or the pub’d peer reviewed reports of respected scientists who are replicating one another’s work? You want everyone to think that because homeopathics aren’t chemical compounds they can’t have any biological action. THEY’RE CHEMICAL COMPLEXES!!! Google it! Do some REAL research . .

  2. @ArcanaKnight – Award winning Evan Pugh Prof. of the Solid State Rustum Roy is the world renowned DEAN of the American material sciences. He holds THREE professor emeritus positions at Penn State, he’s the author of over 1,000 scientific papers. He was knighted by the Emperor of Japan for his work. WHO THE F R U? -cont.-

  3. @ArcanaKnight You’re lying to save face.. The dif between me and you is that I cite real experiments by real scientists anyone can read. Benv’s basophil degranulation test was a REPLICATION done many times under peer review. Google Poitevin, Ruff, Belon, Sainte Laudy, Davenas, Brown, Ennis et al. Anyone can fact check what I say online and in the lit. Baso.degran. now is only one of six different types of biochemical tests for homeopathy.

  4. @Bandershot First of all, Roy’s spectrography is entirely bogus. Also, the JREF hasn’t so much been running from you as ignoring someone who consistantly tried to change agreed upon conditions and protocals, and then became borderline abusive, even alienating even those trying to negotiate on your behalf. The majority of the actual negotiation is still available online to anyone who wants to check your facts, but we have seen time and again how well homeopath’s claims hold up to fact checking.

  5. @Bandershot You’re right, There isn’t any question about homeopathy working because it doesn’t. Benveniste’s results were shown to likely be the result of the experimenter effect. Its no coincidence that the only replications which yielded positive results were the unblinded ones. The results of blinded tests were nearly always random.

  6. @dantheman1507 It doesn’t stop everyone. Benveniste’s was a replication of an experiment that’s been done over two dozen times now.
    There’s no question that it works. The real question has been how it works, and I’ve answered that. The reason they’re so upset is not because there’s no evidence that it works, its because there’s so much evidence that it does, and it embarrasses the hell out of them that they haven’;t been able to explain it.

  7. @Bandershot

    I also believe scientists are afraid to touch homeopathy right now because of what happened to that French guy… Tried to talk about a homeopathic experiment with my biochemistry teacher the other day, he was all like “I’m staying out of this one”…Then it hit me…
    Anyway, I’m sure this thing will be proven any time soon, when people get the courage to experiment again.
    Until then I hope my teacher can get that culture machine back… we want to stress S. pombe with a cell phone

  8. @bobjay25 Given that we have found homeopathics to have measurable, radiant qualities, it could be that they are, at an energetic level, doing as you suggest, tricking the immune system, or causing it to be redirected or inreased it’s intensity. I think of it as being like medical akido.

  9. @dantheman1507 My video the Homeoapthic Molecule has numerous pictures of clathrates in it, but it doesn’t seem to be getting many views. Evidence for homeopathy is highly embarrassing to the critics. It makes them look stupid. And since the mainstream supports the mainstream, there are only a few scientists who are good enough to be immune to popular opinion and support homeopathy, like Josephson, Montagnier, Conte, Roy and Tiller.

  10. Is homeopathy a treatment which relies a lot on human survival psychology.
    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Hamlet)
    Do homeopaths -at best – seek to exploit the human mind’s ability to fight off infection/discomfort through some sort of trickery, but a trick that might (in some cases) work.

    I do not mean this comment as an insult, I do respect people who are able to discuss ideas openly and intelligently.

  11. He’s so slick! He can put together half-information into a fluent presentation. But since it’s not “nothing but the truth”, it’s not the truth. One either understands, or not. But I MUST give credit where due: he’s as good as the docs the drug companies solicit. You can get a PhD to say just about anything, no?

  12. @brian442442 Why would you quesiton my sanity for reporting what some of the world’s top material scientists report on a controversial subject? Why can’t you see them for what they are without insulting someone’s intelligence? Do you think it makes you look stupid? If not, then what’s big effen deal? Do you really know who they are and what they’re saying, or are you gonna keep repeating the same embarassed denials of those who took an early position on this?

  13. @tenkins Thanks, well done! makes my point! Randi’s not testing anomalies, he’s just defaming those who do. He didn ‘t say anything about physical, biochem&biological tests done at universities: All those profs are nut cases too? i.e. the work of Prof.Roy et al at Penn State, Stanford & U. of Ariz. Roy’s told me to use it for the MDC. Ask about that!

  14. @Bandershot That was a great suggestion!!! I e-mailed Randi personally and he had this to say and I quote, “We’re very familiar with Benneth — a total nut case… Sigh…Randi” LOL

  15. @tenkins Obviously you know less about it as you do homeopathy. The offer is a hoax. Watch my video on it. Randi’sbeen running from me for ten years now, ever since he accepted my application for a test. Why don’t you contact JREF? Ask if they’ve heard about the Conte beta scintillation test, or Roy’s spectrography, or Bells gas disharge test. Line it up and if we win I’ll give you 10%. See what they say. I’m still up for it.

  16. Being as polite as I possibly can in the face of such overwhelming nonsense, I will only ask you this question: Why do you not contact the James Randi Educational Foundation? He offers a million dollars to anyone who can prove that homeopathy works!!! It would be an astounding boost to your website as well since ALL double blind peer reviewed studies have shown that homeopathy is not effective in treating any disease or condition.

  17. @Szakalot Distilled water will have contaminants that will replicate, but the diluent is overwhelmingly constituted by hydrates from the mother tincture replicating by way of the host/guest process during dilution & succussion. Did you read the articles by Anagnostatos? That should explain it.

  18. @Bandershot
    Very well, lets assume this is correct.
    How is the selectivity of this mechanism maintained? It would seem easy to conclude that a lot of other random salts could form clathrates, that are later pharmacologically active, even though no salt is present anymore.

  19. @Szakalot Thank you very much for asking the most intelligent question here so far, the answer to which is yes, although a ligand is bound to it’s guest, whereas a clathrate is not. These are complexes, not compounds. Please watch my video “The Homeopathic Molecule” for an explanation of how clathrates are formed & read Agnagnostatos; Roy et al for struture and Montagnier for radiant action, links in the desc. field.

  20. @N3CR1S If you look at my follow up video, “The Homeopathic Molecule” I show many pcitgures of clathrate models and describe their action in the homeopathic process. And you are right in saying that clathrates trap the guest molecule inside of them (but the action is created by the guest). Read the citations in the description field. Click on the chevron between the text field and the view count and it will expand.

  21. @Bandershot
    how exactly are molecules of water, regardless of their shape supposed to act as pharmacologically active molecules of scientific treatment?

    Are you suggesting that water can as a ligand in biological transduction pathways?

  22. @halberthawkins I wouldn’t feel compelled to censor comments if more people didn’t just have insults to share. Please look at the text field for the citations, & watch my other video on the subject, “The Homeoapthic Molecule,” where I explain the host guest process. And may I make a suggestion to you and others? Homeopathy isn’t going away because you don’t understand it. We know it works because we’ve expereinced it. So all you’re doing by aruging is building a wall . . .

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