What is the best way to learn yoga at home?

I’ve always been interested in yoga, but to I have to go to a yoga class or can I just teach myself by researching it and doing it at home?
Also are there any tips you can give me in yoga?
How much do yoga classes cost to join?

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  1. Doing it at home by yourself isn’t as effective. I’ve done classes and done it by myself, and the classes are better because the instructor is constantly reminding you to breathe, and making sure you hold the postures, and you don’t have to think too much about what you’re doing next. Since you can’t take a class, you should go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy a DVD.
    I don’t know how much it costs, you could join a gym that offers yoga classes, I don’t think it’s too expensive. A DVD would be like, $10 or something though haha.

  2. You can learn at home or Online.. there are several websites offers Yoga information one of which i know is a2zofyoga.com

  3. i started at home 5 years ago, since i received a park of ‘yoga cards’ for christmas one year- they had the instructions on one side and a diagram/picture on the back, plus a short introduction to yoga. i found these to be extremely useful for describing how to do each pose and have been practising ever since!

    however it’s been said that there are certain poses that are potentially harmful and cause injury if one does not have the instruction of a proper experienced teacher, such as the shoulderstand and headstand. apart from this though i would definitely recommend starting it at home if you are motivated enough! and if you don’t know of any yoga classes. in england, they cost on average about 5 pounds but can be less or more. good luck!

  4. I have been doing a form of yoga called YRG for the last 6 months in my home. It is a great workout and my back has never felt better. I went to a class but as a newbie I was sensitve because I was not as flexible as everyone else and kept struggling to keep my balance. Now I bet I could go into that class and do well but I like doing it at home. There are DVD’s but I do the online version I found at the site below. Good Luck!

  5. I definitely recommend taking some classes. After you are familiar with the postures, you can practice at home, too, but having a live teacher is best so they can make corrections.

    Look for studios in your area online. A lot of studios have beginner packages so you can try out the different types of yoga they offer and different teachers. Often, these are punch cards – 5 classes for $30 or something, and you can go any time you want so you can find the classes you like.

    You can also check out your local rec. center. A lot of these also offer yoga classes, often drop-in, and also often cheaper than a yoga studio.

    It’s hard to say how much it will cost. It varies pretty widely depending where you live, how many yoga studios there, and even the type of yoga. Even if it’s pricey for you, you may only need to pay for 10-20 classes before you have enough of an understanding to practice at home, at which point it will be free!

    Tips for yoga – remember that every body is different, and not only are some ppl more flexible than others, but you’ll also find this within your own body. For example, your hips might be flexible, but not your shoulders. Be patient with yourself and be open to trying new things.

  6. You can learn yoga at home and achieve many good results.. But you’ll need to learn the yoga poses, their physiological benefits and the deep breathing techniques as well. This free yoga e-course contains many poses, how to do them, their benefits and the breathing exercises:

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