Discover The Real Secrets On Astral Projection

How To Astral Project? – More people are interested to learn astral projection wherein you can make your consciousness separate itself from the physical body. For this though, you will need both the conscious and subconscious mind to work together using varied techniques to enter a new dimension.

The most important key to any form of projection towards astral consciousness is relaxing your mind. You will be using only your mind as a medium to focus on this desire. Audio recordings are available if you want another medium that would aid your effort to achieve a trance state and remain relaxed until you have successfully projected.

Getting Started – The difficulty of this process is not to be undermined, especially for newbies to this process. Below are simple tips that will help build your initial steps.

First, assume a semi-seated position that offers relaxation on both your mind and body. This has been recognized by experts as the most effective position to achieve full relaxation on both mind and body. Then, focus on releasing tension off your muscles starting from head to toe, or vice versa, whichever is most comfortable for you.

You must then enter the bordering sleep, also known as hypnagogic state. This state is basically the point near-sleep wherein you are almost asleep but remain slightly aware of changes in the environment. Try to deepen this state until you move on to vibration state. This will serve as the onset of your projection and the point that marks the process wherein your astral body attempts to make that separation.

Once partially separated, you can begin your out of body travel using immense thought control. Disassociate your second body from the physical realm to enable full separation. Eventually, you will find it lift out or you will start to feel your body floating.

Learn Astral Projection and Reap Benefits – Why do many seek out astral projection? Sure there are unique experiences of understanding the functions of the human consciousness separate from your physical body and exploring new realms, there are still some who do not understand its real importance.

Here are few worthy reasons to try it yourself:

*Out of body travel helps produce a sharper memory. The raised consciousness about encounters in other dimensions heightens your senses at the conscious state, which also boosts your ability to retain memory.

*You can get a deeper understanding of your astral being. It is also very likely that you will encounter other beings or spirits when you learn astral projection.

*You’ll have better access to spiritual knowledge, which applies to not only you but to the whole of humanity. Upon entering a new dimension, you will find several symbols you are unfamiliar with. You can trying opening up your experience with others who encountered the same so you can work together in understanding what those symbols stand for.

*Several people are interested about the events of the past, but not too many understand its impact on the future. Time travel is also possible with out of body travel, therefore you can use this opportunity to learn about a particular phase in history. It has been proven that many of the past events had a hand at shaping future events.

*Ability to communicate with your dead relatives or family members. This is the most often cited reason why people are interested to learn astral projection, which is the ability to speak or interact with people who have gone before them.

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