25 thoughts on “Goddess Protection Chant

  1. I like this one. There are many great mothers amongst the many great religions. Which means everyone should quit their bitching, Christians and Pagans alike, boohoo, draw your swords and crosses, oh no, Christianity stemmed from Paganism, so get over it.

  2. @waldoman7 Most I have found have not been willfully blinded but forcebly blinded because of many taking spirituality out of religion and humanizing it

  3. @waldoman7 It is only a new religion because the government now recognizes it. Or rather it started to in the 1900s.

  4. I love this chant. It really helps me feel protected. May her arms ever surrond us all.

  5. No matter what anybody’s religion is, we’re all of the same entity that created us. We’re all brothers and sisters who shouldn’t be fighting. Blessings to you all my older and younger siblings. <3

  6. @waldoman7 What i know is that jesus decide, therefore maybe some are saved outside of the “one true faith”. What i belive is none of your buisness :D. I dont really care.

  7. @WantMoreLazytown went to catholic schools for 13 years, but i don’t exactly keep a notepad of bible and catechism pages that might be useful for defending a faith that i abhor these days. Why do you even care? and what do you believe? I can explain it in a little more detail if you really need me to, because it is rather complicated in the end.


  8. i’ve heard a lot about some sort of goddess lately. some sort of new religion or an old one growing in popularity? what’s it about?

  9. @SoraSky13 in my experience catholics can be judgmental and probably are one of the more self segregated religions, but outright hatred or cruel behavior towards those who disagree would be very out of character. Catholicism does teach that any person of any religion can enter heaven, provided that they have not been willfully blind.

  10. i find this “video” boring and of low quality both in image and sound. The chant has no depth to it, neither in text nor music, in short, i find it rather pathetic.

  11. Absolutely beautiful and simple. And Gabrael I love the idea of using it to close circle with! Thank you, and thanks to the poster.

  12. @Unityspirit50 – because in the end, there is no “me” but “us.”

    Something the sages have known for centuries. Relax, don’t be such a pez.

  13. @vom1966 – No but thanks for recommending it, I’ll be checking it out soon!

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