Lionel McClellend sings a man’s a man for a’ that- Robert Burns’ ode to humanity

Lionel McClellend of Moffat performs his own version of the famous Robert Burns ode to humanity. A man is one who stops to help another without a second thought. A man is one who works for his family and friends without a care in his heart. A man is one gives to all and fights for what is right. A man looks upon many things in this life with a faith that burns deep in the soul. The trick in this life is learning what a man should be not what society has made them become. And with all this a man is an honest man who’s word is always enough. Is there for honest poverty That hangs his head, an’ a’ that The coward slave, we pass him by We dare be poor for a’ that For a’ that, an’ a’ that The rank is but the guinea’s stamp The man’s the gowd(gold) for a’ that What though on hamely(homely) fare we dine Wear hoddin grey(course wollen cloth), an’ a’ that Gie(give) fools their silks, and knaves their wine A man’s a man, for a’ that For a’ that, an’ a’ that Their tinsel show an’ a’ that The honest man, though e’er sae poor Is king o’ men for a’ that Ye see yon birkie(fellow) ca’d a lord Wha struts an’ stares an’ a’ that Tho’ hundreds worship at his word He’s but a coof(fool) for a’ that For a’ that, an’ a’ that The man o’ independent mind He looks an’ laughs at a’ that A prince can mak'(make) a belted knight A marquise, duke, an’ a’ that But an honest man’s aboon( above) his might Gude(good) faith, he maunna( must not) fa’ that For a’ that an’ a’ that Their dignities an’ a’ that

25 thoughts on “Lionel McClellend sings a man’s a man for a’ that- Robert Burns’ ode to humanity

  1. Hi Lionel !
    Hows it going ? Great song you need to get a few more in the can, i might see you when i`m up at the new year.
    All the best

  2. Dear Lionel Thank you so much for your version of this poem. It’s the best one I’ve ever heard, without any useless ornamentation, simply from the bottom of the heart.
    Well Done and nice kitchen

  3. Well done Lionel. Being a fellow Scot it’s good to hear a Scots song being performed properly. Usually it’s by Americans that get Irish mixed up with Scots 🙂 Great stuff

  4. Lionel,
    Its tom
    Greetings from Curacao an a’ that
    Fantastic amigo!
    Mines a pint!

  5. Whenever I go to a fancy party the first thing I ask is “where’s the haggis?”

    Great rendition. 5/5. Oh, and nice kitchen.

  6. The true spirit of Burns… a wee man in his kitchen getting annoyed about the ‘high heid yins’.
    The haggis munching, fancy party goers will never understand the true spirit of this great nation. Great version of my favourite song mate.

  7. The true spirit of Burns… no kilted haggis munchers at fancy parties… just a wee man in his kitchen telling it like it is.

  8. Sadness, death and despair, the fire continues to burn our beloved land. Help from all over the World pours in, strangers helping strangers…this calls for another dose of Lionel belting out the Great Rabbie anthem….and not in a stadium, or a patronising concert..a standard bloke, in a standard kitchen..we need this on prime time here…Greetings again from down under..Still struggling but we’ll get there! She’ll be right mate.

  9. A song that sums up that we are all equal, regardless of race religion or culture.

    Happy 250th Birthday Rabbie Burns.

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