How many gods and goddess are in Hindu religion?

How many gods and goddess are in Hindu religion?
Is it 330 million gods and goddess?
What are their names anyway?

7 thoughts on “How many gods and goddess are in Hindu religion?

  1. there is NO GOD but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger

    yeah I know all the Islamophobes are going to hate that

  2. “One became two;
    Two became three;
    Three begat TenThousand Things.

    “A violent Man dies a violent Death.
    That is the essence of The Teaching.”

    . -K’ing Kung Fu, by Marshall Macao.

    I believe there should be some sort of rule where you’re supposed to stop bothering the poor, hard-working posters or R & S, and go down the local library, and do your own damn research!

    Of course, its totally your 5 points to give, so….

  3. There is only One God who is nameless, shapeless, attribute-less and who cannot be described or explained which manifests into different forms called gods (notice small ‘g’) and goddesses. Each manifestation signifies one or more attributes we want to see like goddess of learning, god of breathing, goddess of money, god of rain and thunder (Saraswati, Vayu, Lakshmi, Indra respectively) etc. They say that there are 330 million of them but it does not matter whether the number is 330 million or 331 million. I don’t think all the names cannot be mentioned here and won’t serve any purpose either.

  4. “And insult not those whom they (disbelievers) worship besides Allaah, lest they insult Allaah wrongfully without knowledge”

    [al-An’aam 6:108]

    Why are you concentrating on other gods but Allah? Instead of all this you could have asked one question about Him and you would be closer to Him!

  5. In English a flower is called “LOTUS”—I do not know whether there is any synonym for Lotus—In Sanskrit(Hindus Elitist language) there are 14 synonyms for Lotus—such as Padmam,—Nalini,–Pankajam–Raajeevam—Vindham,–Kumudham–Vinndham—etc,A connosieur of art and literature would say “O! how many beautiful names a poet can use in his/her Creative works”—a moron/idiot/dumbho would ask are they 14 different flowers?

    If a flower can have 14 names(NOT 14 flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) –all powerful G-O-D=GOD can have 1400 million names–but GOD has 60,00,000,000 NAMES.(NOT GODS!!!!!!) as on date.(330 million is very,very old story)

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