The Goddess Song

The Goddess Song Music Video of the Pagan Hymm “We All Come From the Goddess”

  1. killgore4Apr 27, 2010

    ahh this brings back memories of my initation blessed be

  2. DAisbetterApr 27, 2010

    okay this is going to sound crazy but when I FIRST heard this song I started sining along. I was raised in a conservative catholic family

  3. hellokittymethlabApr 27, 2010

    blessed be! )O(

  4. thedarkmoonmidnightApr 27, 2010

    I did a video some time last year singing this song just from memory, and everytime my voice went up, the rain picked up, when I softened my voice, the rain softened. It was a very magical experience. It continued to do that all that day, when I stopped singing all together, the rain stopped too. Was very beautiful

  5. warrenandfriendsApr 27, 2010

    Blessed BE

  6. nealxboxApr 27, 2010

    i was last year during lamas in glastonbury and cellebrated with the goddesstemple on mount tor and this was song during our walk up there.
    it was something that i shared with my family and went really deep… i so love this song!!!! blessed be

  7. dzsk8rApr 27, 2010

    how did you make the goddess symbol like that?

  8. dzsk8rApr 27, 2010

    used to? they still do, look up ” Bohemian grove sacrafice”. alot of government officials are in it. they beleive in a goddess / gods and the main is Mo loch. to worship her you must sacrafice children, yet its not a black art. i find it odd but im not judging.

  9. BankScamTakeoverApr 27, 2010

    I’ve done plenty of research, thank you. Are you seriously trying to claim that the Canaanites didn’t use ritual sacrifice? You’ll probably claim the Aztecs didn’t next.

  10. mortiisera2Apr 27, 2010

    No, not really. do you research

  11. RICH1066Apr 27, 2010


  12. 19trixyApr 27, 2010

    blessed be

  13. phellen8060Apr 27, 2010

    and how many were sacrificed during the inquisition? get a better argument.

  14. BankScamTakeoverApr 27, 2010

    Some of those pagans used to sacrifice children.

  15. ilovepaul55Apr 27, 2010

    Beautiful Song!
    Blessed Be!Love The Goddess!:D

  16. cariminfernoApr 27, 2010

    ….And to her we shall return

  17. ToutpourmonmatouApr 27, 2010

    where can I find this song, on which CD?What’s the name of the group?

  18. myownphilosofyApr 27, 2010

    Blessed Be ☽◯☾

  19. flarewolf01Apr 27, 2010

    all hail Artemis Mother to all women

  20. LullabyeOfTheDragonsApr 27, 2010

    )o( Blessed Be. This song is lovely

  21. kahvi69Apr 27, 2010

    Awen,Amen.aum is all good.certainly on the international woman day.

  22. SkyWolf8000Apr 27, 2010


  23. SinisterSquashlingApr 27, 2010

    ) 0 (

  24. vom1966Apr 27, 2010

    I love the earthyness of pagan music. reminds me of the songs that the band Earth Culture do. Especially the song ‘Follow the truth’.

  25. 7DarkReapersApr 27, 2010

    this song is amazing 🙂 Blessed Be )O(

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