Robert Burns: Auld Lang Syne

Buy CD at This video is the original tune and all the words – so seldom sung…. Burns’ mastery here encompasses all the emotion and feeling of old friends meeting up after growing up together then spending years apart. Long established as THE farewell song and often sung (badly) at New Year or Hogmanay as we say in Scotland. These are the words in full and the tune that RB intended be used. See my other videos for Burns items too.

25 thoughts on “Robert Burns: Auld Lang Syne

  1. @kellythesinger
    Many thnx…. That’s the nicest comment I’ve had in awhile!

  2. You are an amazing artist. I sat here watching you do this song, judging you by your physical appearance. and you played and sang and made me humble.

    Thank you for the song, and lesson about myself.

  3. @entropyincreasing
    To answer your question, it depends if you want to play chords to accompany singing..or play the melodies…. drop me a line with your email address and we can discuss further

  4. Really beautiful!

    By the way, I’ve been on the look out for a book of Robert Burn’s music for guitar. Are there any you would recommend?

  5. while i was a scout, we used to sing that song as farewell…but not in this special way, which is, what i have to admit, just beautiful….great work Mr, Burns 🙂

  6. @keltickev27 thank you soo much!

    I have to do a project on robert burns

  7. Basically its about 2 childhood friends who grew up and played together but then went their different ways; One going overseas. They are now back together for a drink (a willy-waught) to friend-ship and days long past (auld lang syne)

  8. I absolutely love this! I’d never really known the meaning (one can surmise) or understood the haunting beauty of this enduring tune. I listen to this often, trying to memorize this great version–though I could never sing it as beautifully as you do. Simply lovely.

  9. have to say im impressed some one actually sings it properly bravo my friend bravo : )

  10. @alusrugninnep
    thnx for your comments. I hope you enjoy some of the others….

  11. I love this interpretaion. Wonderful channel, thank you so much. I will take time to look up the other titles posted.

  12. Auld lang syne… It was the lyrics of this song I was searching for and what I found was Robert Burns and a lot more wonderful songs and lyrics. That was a long time ago…
    Thank you

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