Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns

For Halloween, the classic poem Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns. It’s in old Scot’s dialect. You can read it, and a plain-English translation here www.robertburns.org.uk Obviously, I did not recite this from memory. Maybe one day. Some of the cadences and pronunciations are wide of the mark. I did this for my own amusement. There are videos of far superior recitals on YouTube, like these…. www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

25 thoughts on “Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns

  1. @littlemisstypesalot what happens is a drunk is trying to get home but he has to go past a abandonded church, when he gets there he see a party of witchs and wizards and the Devil (“Auld Nick”). He watches a young witch dancing in a short under dress ( a “cutty sark”) and calls out praise for her. All the witchses andwizards see him and chase after him and the young witch grabs his horse’s tail and tears it off as he crosses a stream, as witches can’t cross running water.

  2. bless you, my good man! I have enjoyed this immensely. love the poem, love the accent! In fact, I must say that for a foreigner this is much easier understood when presented orally. cheers!

  3. well done – but I challenge you to put as much into a Psalm of your choosin – a different theme

  4. It starts sounding like a foreign language for a while. I didn’t even try to understand the poem, I’m just enjoying the sounds. =)

  5. “go scotland woo” is rite.
    so f***in’ sexy…
    but to stay on topic, i’m gonna go w/ the other kid and say 5 of 5 open pussy’s mortal foes.

  6. Thanks Mark, that really stirs the heart. Didn’t know it was so moving. Recon I’ll pop in to Burn’s birthplace museum next time I’m up there.

  7. Hey Mark…my sister and I would like a copy of you reading the patriot act! Maybe then it won’t sound like a gross betratal of our rights as Americans.

  8. That was all kinds of awesome. I could listen to you all day. I know I’ll be back to hear this again and again. Thanks, Mark! 🙂

  9. As a player in a werewolf the apocalypse game, this is SO going in my favorites to be shown to my Fianna friends.

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