The Field of Consciousness

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doling and right doing there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.” Rumi


Did you know that the collective consciousness of the human race can be calibrated, both for current events and for past eras? And that it can be determined scientifically just how low or high a consciousness any individual is now, or has been in the past? Humanity lives in and is part of a vast field of intelligent energy that some call Divine Love. As with all things in existence, evolution first occurs as a movement of energy, around which a physical form is usually condensed. Gradually consciousness (awareness) emerges and continues to evolve. On an arbitrary scale of 1-1000, the level of consciousness can be calibrated for various species, animals, plants and rocks included—just about anything.


Thanks to the enormous work of Dr. David R. Hawkins and thousands of tests, we know without doubt that the body can verify truth, something that is quite impossible for the mind, or ego, since matter must respond to its local energy field. Thanks also goes to John Diamond’s work with muscle testing (Touch for Health), and others who are continually validating this spiritual science. Through clinical testing we know without doubt that bodies never lie.


The truth is a clear path to peace and integrity. If experienced without judgment, warring conflicts within the individual as well as between nations can be resolved. This is a science of truth. We can use the Map of Consciousness devised by Dr. David R. Hawkins and his multitude of researchers as a tool for self-discovery through the levels of consciousness.


Since ego controls our lives when we are not actually present in the moment of now, our thinking mind cannot tell truth from falsehood. However, our bodies can, with 100% accuracy when tested using Hawkins’ prescribed method of kinesiology, or “Touch for Health” (muscle testing.) (See Hawkins, Power vs. Force, or his other books.) This is because the physical realm must reproduce the amount of energy in the energy field in which it resides, bypassing ego’s perceptions, wants and logical interpretations. It’s that simple.

Rev. Eleanor Richard is a minister of Religious Science & the Present Moment. She is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, a Lomi Bodywork practitioner, and a certified Natural Vision Instructor.

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